What is a good headset to get for the USB-only TE2 stick?


After discovering the TE2 doesn’t have a microphone jack, I need to get a headset so I can stay in communication with my friends when we’re playing SF5. I don’t want anything really pricey. Just something that is decent.



Look for something that works via USB or via the digital optical out port in the back


I use the PS Gold headset. It’s got a USB fob that takes up one of your USB ports, so you can’t have two sticks plugged in at once (not sure why you would want to chat when playing locally anyway, though). But the set is wireless, has decent sound and battery life, and is the best bang for your buck for $100, IMO. I recommend that set.


I picked up a Turtle Beach Earforce 400.


I dig it. Seems like the natural progression from my old X31s.