What is a good win percentage if SF4 is your first sf game?


This is the first sf game that i have gone in depth with. I used to think that doing one of each move and winning meant you were a good player, but now that i have played over 1200 hours i see that it is much more complicated than a simple game, almost like chess with lots of math involved.

So my win percentage is 54%
number of fights: 9338
Wins: 5058
Play time 1200 hours

I want to know if im doing ok or bad or what?


if over 25% of those matches are online

it dont mean sh*t


First of all, it doesnt mean anything to be honest.

But anyway, this depends heavily on what character you play as, someone that plays sagat may have a better ratio than someone that mains C.viper because of the learning curve difference.


Once again, you’re focusing on things that don’t mean much. Anyone could have a buff win ratio if they never did anything but womp on players way below them all day.


IMO, you should focus on trying to win every legit match (by legit, I mean matches that aren’t against people who aren’t as good as you). Simply maintaining a win ratio will lead to you getting lazy as long as you’re able to maintain it. You should instead be focused on constant self improvement.


Win percentage doesn’t mean anything unless you’re playing good people.

My win percentage going up through G3 was really high, but, lol G3.


Win ratios don’t mean squat.

I’ve maintained one of 60% right through G3 and from playing against my friends. On G2 though, nah, it’s going down. but why care, It’s the experience and actually learning to get good at the game because when you think about it, the 40%+ loss on your wins is probably from where you’d either been:
a: Beaten by someone better (Which lets face it, there will ALWAYS be someone better than yourself)
b: Beaten by an absolute scrub who loves to spam and lagplay.
c: You were learning to play the character you’re using now. You’re not going to be good from the getgo. Simple as.

So win ratios meaning anything? Nah. Personally I don’t think rankings mean a lot either because you can easily pick up Sagat, go cheap throws and cheese throughout your rankings and he may not even be your main.


?Haha, I took a picture of my player stats after playing the game for like 4 months (this was first fighting game I took seriously). I had like an 85% win percentage with a 150+ game winning streak. I played ryu. I didn’t even shoryuken to AA, I used c.fp. I also didn’t use light punches or kicks, everything was c.mk>hado and sweeps. Now that I actually know what the hell I’m doing my stats have gone down. With that said, it definitely depends on who you are playing, because I pretty much farmed my stats on all of the shitties that bought the game at launch and then quit.