What is a hit confirm?

This is probably the first fighting game I’m trying to take seriously and put effort into getting really good. I’m really trying to get all aspects of the lingo down and I couldn’t find any hard definitions on hit confirms. I’ve tried consulting that 3s new players FAQ and other sites, which answered most of my other questions, but didn’t explain exactly what a hit confirm is.

I know about cancelling into supers and stuff (like everyone’s favorite Chun-Li c.mk xx SAII). Is “hit confirming” when somebody throws out c.mk’s and when one hits, by reaction, quickly motions qcfx2 + k? Because if so…that is some crazy reflex work going on…:sweat:

You basically have it right, but alot of the time people do the joystick motion for the follow-up ahead of time, and hit the button depending on whether or not it hits, because typically blocked supers aren’t very safe.

That’s it in a nutshell, but I’m sure someone else can explain it better.

Here are some other links to help you get more serious.

Fighting Terms


3S Basics


There’s a section on “Reflexes” that shows hit confirming. You want to do the command for the super as you’re attacking but only hit the button when you confirm they have been hit by it.

So for example a Chun Li with meter wants to input double quarter circle forwards every single time they do a crouching MK, that way when you see the opponents been hit all you have to do is press a kick button once in order to cancel into super.

Thank you guys for really helpful information! Both videos were a lot of help, and that glossary is just the thing I was looking for!

Now time for the countless hours of practice.

Ahh… So that’s how it’s done. Much easier than waiting for the hit confirm and then do 2xqcf.

LOL no wonder it’s so damn hard.