What is a poke?

I’ve searched the shoryuken wiki’s and looked over threads, and I see the word used very often. What is a poke?

A poke is a move that has range. Like literally poking someone.

Pokes usually have fast recovery too, so if your opponent blocks the poke they still don’t get an advantage over you.

Think Sagat’s crouching fierce in CvS2. Goes out fast, recovers fast, covers damn near half the screen width. Good example of a poke.

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kim standing short, chun standing strong, vega in general, etc

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I was think Vega in general too. Then again, first thing that came to mind was Rolento.

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A severed pokemon.

It’s basically a move meant to keep the other character away from you that isn’t part of a combo or block string.

An attack that allows you to hit the opponet while staying safely out of thier attack range due to the attacks recovery time and reach not giving them enough time to retaliate. It alot of projectiles can be used as pokes.

Pokes are generally low/crouching attacks, but not always.

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you mean hardly ever?

let’s look at the famous pokes from CVS2

sak’s far roundhouse
Blanka’s low fierce
Sagat’s low fierce
claw’s low strong
cammy’s far roundhouse and far fierce
chun’s far strong

i’m sure there’s a good low poke here and there, but 9 times out of 10 they aren’t low.

Look at 3S and tell me if your logic holds.

What about jumping moves, can they qualify as pokes? I guess I’m thinking of jumping moves that are intended for just one hit as opposed to being combo-openers.