what is a reset


what is a reset because i keep posting a videos on here some people say what im doing is not resets etc.

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Yeah. I watch your videos and what you are doing is not a reset. A reset is forcing your opponent back to netural then putting them into a mixup (for the most part).

A good example of this is R. MIka reset in the corner; f.hp (launcher) then cr. mp. cr. mp is the reset since it forces the player back to netural


Stopping a combo to go for a mixup to lead into another combo. You “reset” the combo counter to bypass combo scaling, but you do it sneakily to get the next hit in, so it’s as if the combo never dropped.

I looked at your videos. Low MK xx V-trigger into a move isn’t a reset, some of the moves you did aren’t even mixups.


so basically anything that puts u in a airborne state and u reset the damage and mixup is a reset.


You don’t even have to be airborne. If you stop a combo when you have frame advantage and then do another frame trap or throw the person, that essentially is a mix up also.

The basis of a reset is generally finding a way to stop a combo you are doing where you can stay at frame advantage and do another mix up into another combo.


then how come what i was doing was not because i did elements of the bolded.


Here are some easy Mika resets to get you started…


Don’t make it harder than it needs to be to understand. A reset is simply stopping a combo to try to start a new combo.


then what i was doing in all my videos all along


Bruh to put it simple. If the number of hits in the combo doesn’t reset. You did not perform a reset. Point blank.


If you’re talking about the “Birdie reset” against FANG on your YouTube page, then no, that is not a reset. There is no combo you are stopping short. You are just hitting FANG out of the air and then hitting him when he lands.

I guess technically, the st. LK, pause a sec, into command grab is a reset, but that’s really not what people mean when they say Reset. It’s usually meant as "stopping a combo early to prevent damage scaling and/or to mix up an opponent by creating an ambiguous situation and starting a new source of damage (a new combo or a throw).


i guess it depends on u ask.


That birdie “reset” never does a combo… Therefor not a reset.

When players think of resets they are usually very far into a combos length.

As an example from one of the most reset heavy games out there… Skullgirls:

Most combos without super at the end do around 4K damage.

If you tack on a super at the end this damage can go up to 6k or so, but ends your combo and your advantage… So all you get is 6k damage for 1 meter.

But, if instead of doing the super, you do a mixup at around the 4K damage point, when your combo is highly scaled, and reset the damage… You get to do ANOTHER 4K combo but with a meter ender this time if you want.

And with this strategy, instead of only getting 6k damage for 1 meter, you’ve effectively gotten 10k damage for one meter.

But it’s risky because if the opponent blocked successfully then you don’t get the reset and have to take the 4K damage.

Skullgirls is a special game though. Its basically ALWAYS the right thing to reset unless your combo will kill. Meter is precious and if you use it just to do damage then the enemy can sub that character out and heal it etc etc.

There’s no point in “resetting” early like that st.lk in the birdie video, since that hit isn’t confirmable and since you haven’t even hit max scaling yet.

And streetfighter isn’t a game where resets are of huge importance like in skullgirls.

Mixups in streetfighter aren’t as good as they are in games like skullgirls so resets lack potency.

But there are a few resets to watch out for in sf5:

Chun doing a v trigger cancel that hits you and then continuing the combo… She may drop the combo on purpose and hit you with an overhead as an example. If she has super in that scenario then the combo that she first started along with the combo that reset could easily have her output somewhere around 600-650 damage in total.

So here… Take your characters longest combo without a super or ex move that knocks them down attached, then just drop your combo and throw them… That’s a reset.


im just gonna leave this here this is from street fighter the guide




can yall debate this if yall want im done with discussing it


Lol… We aren’t debating it, you asked and got your question answered. The stuff you quoted doesn’t go against what I said either… Idk what you want… To be seen as having found resets?

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Yeah you want to contribute and that’s great, keep at it! But don’t expect people to call things something that they aren’t.


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