What is a safe jump?

What is a safe jump and how do you do it? I’ve heard the term before but never understood what it meant.

It’s a jump-in that you time so that if the other guy does a reversal, you can still block.

This should help: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tcMVI-7cn04#t=12m39s

A safe jump is a jump-in that is timed so that if the opponent does nothing, they must block the jump in. If they reversal SRK, you land in time to block the SRK.

The timing for such a jump depends on what reversal SRKs the other character has access to, so they’re very character specific - you’re basically trying to land after they wakeup, but before their reversal SRK is done starting up. So a 3 frame SRK gives you a 2 frame window and a 5 frame SRK would give you a 4 frame window.

Balrog is notable for being very easy to safe jump against, as iirc his reversal SRK has a terribly slow (at least 10 frames) startup.

Players will often develop timing aids to assist them with getting the timing for a safe jump. A character might throw you, whiff a standing jab, and then jump - watch out because you’re getting safe jumped on.

Safe jumps can be combined with option selects to create an offense that eliminates almost all defensive options for the opponent.

it’s basically a timed jump-in which you are able to block his/her reversal in time, hence it is called a safe jump.

Note that in the SF4 series at least, air attacks have ground recovery, and you can’t block before the 4th frame after you land. This makes ordinary safejumps against 3-frame invincible reversals impossible. (Though you can block in time if you do an empty jump). In these cases you will usually need a different kind of safejump where the hitboxes of the moves interact in such a way that your jumpin attack beats or trades with the reversal or causes it to whiff completely; these are usually very character-specific.

For an easy ordinary safejump, hold upforward after Ryu’s sweep. This results in a perfectly timed safejump that is safe from eg. Guile’s flash kick (because it’s a 4-frame move so you can block just as it becomes active). It’s rather effective against most online Guiles, especially if you optionselect something to catch backdashes, like… the sweep.