What is a stagger attack


ive heard of it but i don’t know what this is exactly


Stagger can mean 2 things. A state your opponent is put in when they get hit by a certain attack, or the nature of the timing of a string.

The first, an attack that staggers is an attack that’ll momentarily leave your opponent defenseless and usually set them up for a powerful follow up. Usually the opponent is in a different animation than normal hitstun. The most common example of this stagger state I can think of is whenever you Crush Counter someone in SF5. Getting staggered can work differently in different games, for example if you get staggered in Guilty Gear you can quickly move the stick and mash to shorten its duration.

Staggering a string is another thing entirely. If someone staggers their lows, for example, then they’re purposefully leaving more time between each attack than they would otherwise have to. This is useful for mixing up your timing and making yourself less predictable to your opponent, not to mention just catching them slipping. This is also often simply called delaying your buttons.


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