What is ADCD?

How do I do it? I see it in some raven combos but I have no idea what it is and how to do it

I’ve never heard of ADCD. I’ve heard of ADD, ADHD and OCD. In Sf X Tk I’ve heard of CADC.
I think you mean dash cancelling charge moves. CADC Charge attack dash cancel. Here’s a video:

For instance for Cammy: St. HP xx spiral arrow (hold kick to charge) dash forward/backward. Every char has one move that can be dash cancelled.

You mean CADC, or Charged Attack Dash Cancel. It’s a technique where you cancel a move with a chargeable move and then cancel the charge with a dash. An example of a CADC can be found in 00:03 of this video:


Notice that Juri is able to dash immediately after a cr.mk. Under normal circumstances this is impossible to do, but has been made possible by charging a senpusha and then immediately dashing forward. Using a CADC may serve as either a reset or a means of continuing pressure…I think.

A perfect CADC is done so fast and precise that you don’t see the actual charging process.

I think you’ve been… thunderstruck!



After Damage Cancel Damage
Its when you take damage and then tag out so you can cancel that damage via recoverable health.

Much more difficult to perform in 2013.

So how do you do the CADC? Actual execution

You cancel a move with a chargeable sp. move and then cancel the charge with a dash.

Initial normal move of course has to be able to cancel into special - some are, some aren’t.

What are the commands, I don’t understand this lol

an example for ryu

then a hadoken and hold the punch button down(this is when the move will start to charge) then dash

every character has a special move that they can do this with.

If you take the time to play through the tutorial they explain it, but essentially like has been said every character has one move, which after inputting the stick command and hitting the button, if you hold the button down, it’ll charge the move first to an EX version after about a second, then to their super art after about another second or two, but the entier time you’re charging the move, you can always double tap the stick left or right to dash out of the charging animation. so for instance with ryu it’s a hadoken (qcf punch), if you hold the punch, he’ll start charging, you can use it to get an ex hadoken or a super art without using any meter. If you charge up to EX before dashing out, your next hit will automatically have a counter-hit effect added onto it. Additionally, you can charge up your super art even faster by charging an ex hadoken by hitting and holding two punches which makes it a more viable way to get out a super without a full meter… The special move which can be charged up is different for every character because obviously all the characters have different special moves and super arts.

However it has more advanced uses too, for instance, you can make a blocked boost combo (not sure if that’s what they’re called but the mechanic where you hit light, medium and heavy attack buttons quickly to get an auto-combo) safe by canceling the last hit into your chargeable move and immediately back-dashing to escape, forward dashing to go for a throw or mix-up or just holding the charge for a few frames and trying to counter-hit your opponent if they release their block. And there are more character specific uses.

Hope this helps.

I would also like to point out that in order to CADC from a boost combo it has to be an EX version. Normal specials cannot be canceled from boost chains unless it’s a target combo, like Ken’s st.mp>st.hp combo.