What is at EVO other than the tournament and the BYOC?


I realize that on it’s face this sounds like a silly question, however, for our first EVO ever(!), I’ll be traveling with three or four friends for who aren’t especially good at fighting games but like the scene and spectating. Naturally there is always the city of Las Vegas itself, but other than the BYOC room is there anything else at the event to do?

Thank you in advance for entertaining this question.


there will be panels which showcase FGC stuff like movie, Q&A with developers, personalities etc.
In addition EVO hosts in indie game showcase where you can play independent games which aren’t necessarily fighting games. My favorite last year was Spy Party, but there are many different games from all genres. You can also visit the sponsor booths which sell everything form clothing to posters among other collectible items. Some of them might also host betas for games that haven’t come out. In 2010 I got to play MVC3, in 2011 I played UMVC3 and SFXTK, 2013 recently had a built of KI in the madcatz booth. All in all is an amazing experience, but of course the highlight is the tournament. I suggest you invite your friends to enjoy the tournament finals during Sunday. The atmosphere is so contagious that even non fighting game people get exited. I had it happen with a couple friends of mine who didn’t know anything about fighting games and still got very exited over the JWong climb last year.


This year EVO is held at this hotel and casino: