What is best food for SSF4?


What do you guys eat before you play Super Streetfighter 4 to get ready for the game? I usually eat Captain Crunch with crunchberries.


i usually eat out your mother

but on a serious note, chocolate cheerios


Do you feel that this helps you play better?


Slim Jims, fried chicken skins, deep-fried oreos, bone marrow.


Eating usually makes me hella tired and makes me fuck up links :stuck_out_tongue: If you’re hungry…nutri-grain bar :stuck_out_tongue:


Rice cuz then you’ll be a little more like daigo


I make sure my hands have that cheeto powder on it and then I borrow other guys’ sticks


What was that stuff they were pushing at Evo? Gamer grub?


Dude I have a friend of mine do that wile eating the Super nacho cheese Doritos. Man you have no idea how much that pissed me of.

I prefer water, or maybe a cold Drink (Energy drink, Gatorade or Soda). As a snack I like chips lays, or pringles.


I wonder if that World of Warcraft Mountain Dew would help on Super Street Fighter Four? It probably only helps with World of Warcraft i bet.


I normally just have a bottle of water and maybe eat a few of the Snickers energy bars before I play anything serious.




Seasoned French Fries with Chicken Fingers. An alt to this would be microwavable Burritos, Onion Rings, Potato Chips, or some cookies along with a nice bottle of Lemonade, or Pepsi. Some of those I eat while I’m spectating a match.

I love eating before playing.


lmao awesome

before game i drink like a 32oz mocha with white coffee and 7shots of it. after a while i tend to go for pizza rolls and frozen chicken neggets


I imagined your avatar saying that :lol:

and fuck you Doctrine Dark, you made me hungry now


yup that right there. other than hatred nothing. i like to play on an empty stomach and eat as light as possible so i can get maximum output.