What is buffering?

Coming from a Tekken player, I know it means to hold down the buttons to create shortcuts, for example instead of pressing buttons 1+2, I could just press and hold 1 then press 2.

For street fighter 4, is it the same thing? or something completely different?

Buffering…in a charge sense works like this@

In a sense it can work similarly with QCF and DP motions aswell (Well, it’s how I do them anyway XD)

Someone on here is probably more knowledgeable in this than me since Charge is my field of operations as opposed to QCFs.

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Buffering can mean a lot of different things, but usually refers to storing command movements before hand.

For example a cr.mk xx hadouken xx super can be ‘buffered’ as follows 2MK36P236P

But it’d help if you’d provide a context, and post in the right forum.

Oh I see so in a sense it’s similar to what i said which is basically creating shortcuts to moves. But yeah I’m gonna look into the quarter circle motion bufferings since I still don’t get how that works yet. Thanks

EDIT- Ok… that part “2MK36P236P”, what does that mean?

Sorry for not posting in right section I’ll be sure to do so next time.

Buffering usually means taking advantage of the game’s input system by storing inputs in the game’s input buffer so that they can be used to execute a command at a later stage (usually only a few frames afterwards). Buffering makes certain moves easier to perform and is used to perform combos.

A few examples:
[*]To do a perform Zangief’s super without jumping, you can dash forward, then buffer the 720 command during the dash and then press punch when the dash ends.

[*]With Ryu (full super meter), if you do :qcf: + :p:, :qcf: + :p: you will get a fireball cancelled into his super. You get the super because the first :qcf: is still in the input buffer (ie. it’s “buffered”), so the motion the game “sees” is :qcf::qcf:.

[*]To perform fireball FADC, you only need to tap forward once after the fireball to get the dash cancel because the :qcf: of the fireball is buffered, so it uses the forward motion as the first input of the dash.

The numbers refer to directions. Use the numeric keypad on your keypad as a reference. MK means medium kick and P means punch

This translates to:

Also a lot of characters use what’s called a tiger knee input, which is buffering the command before a jump in order to get an aerial move out quickly. In SF4 one example is Sim’s instant air teleport, where you do the motion for a teleport (srk in either direction) but end with up-back or up-forward so you teleport in the air, but close to the ground.

you can also buffer the input of a move like a super or an ultra

easy example: when i have super as boxer, every time i do a rush punch, im buffering the super motion too, so if i see that it hits, i just need to hit any button and the super comes out

i know a lot of ryus that do the same thing

maybe thats not the right term for it, but same principle

I wanna kill 2 birds with one stone and I apologize but for 3S, did Makoto Tiger knee her Tsurugi(aerial axe kick) after SA2? I’m asking this because A) I don’t play that much 3S and B) I fail try Tsurugi after SA2 most of the time.

you can also do things like cr. MK qcf with 3s chun confirm the hit and than do another qcf into hit super, since it is harder to do 2 qcf motions than 1, you can get the first one out of the way so it makes hit confirming easier.

also in games like garou with just defence, you can do things like buffer a DP in the middle of a block string delay a hit and hit back right as they try and strike you and Do a guard cancel DP probubly breaked into super or something. this strategy is really good with a few members of the cast since some have safe DP moves.

Oh sweet as then, I usually use sakura and c.viper (still newbie though). Are there any useful buffers for them?

buffering ultra with viper, if you do seismo > Burning Kick. after the kick connects and you’re still in the air, do the 2 QCF motions so by the time you land you can hit PPP. Buffering basically allows stuff that take time to input come out sooner, because you’re doing it ahead of time.

While we’re on the subject what does it mean to tiger knee something

i thought it meant kara but i guess i thought wrong


what is the benifit of that

The main benefit that I’m aware of is that for aerial moves, it allows you to do it immediately off the ground. I think it also allows you to buffer super-jump cancels into move inputs for characters that allow you to do that.

it was the old (read: SF2) motion for sagat’s tiger knee, among other moves. the name stuck even though the tiger knee hasn’t used the tiger knee motion since like 1994

Yes, with Sakura you can do a cr mk then immediately do a fierce dp motion. Practice it in training mode so that when you do the motion and it whiffs only a mk comes out but if you hit the opponent the cr.mk comes out and combos into the dp. This is very useful for punishing people from far away. Of course if the opponent blocks the attack the dp will still come out so make so you are doing it when the opponent will not block it or when you have meter to fadc. There’s actually a lot of uses for buffering.

Jump-cancelling certain specials so you can’t be thrown out of their startup (haven’t checked which moves this applies to though), Viper SJC’s, preventing EX-DP when doing FADC Ultra. “Reverse” Tiger Knee also gives you stuff like Instant Cannon Strike and Instant Burn Kicks, although in SFIV reverse TK usually just implies reversing the QCF motion but still ending on :uf:

thanks so much, for breaking it down barney style…i final figured out how to properly fireball cancel into shippu with ken.