What is burnout break?



So stupid question but I’m trying to do the missions for Phoenix and mission 3 is telling me to TK Overdrive M to Burnout Break.

I admit, I’m new but I’ve through most of the faqs but I have no clue what Burnout Break is or how to do it.

Thanks for any help!


Down and Heavy in the air.



Do you know where that is listed so next stupid question I have I can look there?

I looked here but couldn’t find it (it’s called something different there):
Marvel vs Capcom 3/Phoenix - Shoryuken Wiki, Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Strategy and More!


Yea i was getting stuck on this earlier, but if you go into your start menu their is an option called like mission command or something like that, that will show you the inputs for the current mission.


I just tried out command normals till I got it^^

Specials are listed, so I figured what the hey. Jean only has 4 command normals, forward+M, forward+H, and in the air Down+H and Forward +H. So if an odd term shows up use one of those(same goes for any character really, name you don’t know? It’s probably a command normal)


FYI you can open the menu and look under ‘Mission Objectives’ and it will list both the names and the motions, the next time this comes up (assuming you haven’t finished the rest of your team yet).