What is Chun-Li's most damading C-Groove combo?

I once saw a C-Chun-Li COMBO where she mixes up her Lightning Kick and Crouching LP to perform a damaging combo. Does anyone know how to do it?

you mean c.strong people don’t link it off a c.jab. as for exactly how it’s done im not sure go to the “ask me something” thread and you’ll get answers.

You’re probably talking about the Combo of Death:

-cross-up j.LK, c.LP, c.LP, c.MP xx lvl 2 Kick Super x HK Ligtning Legs, c.LP, c.MP xx lvl 1 Kick Super, sjc, sj.HK

^Yeah I belive it’s that one, thanks

maybe crossup j.lk, HK legs, d.lp, d.mp xx lv2 kick super x HK legs, d.lp. d.mp xx lv1 kick super, sjc sj.hk

Superjump hp, hk Lightning Kick, d. lp, d. mp xx lvl.2 kick super x hk Lightning Kick, d. lp, d. mp xx lvl. 1 kick super & (superjump cancel) superjump hk - Dmg: 8554 pts.