What is considered being "pushy" on these forums?

I posted a question on tech talk yesterday and haven’t gotten a response. I know that other forum users aren’t my slaves, but my project is stuck until I can get some feedback to what the problem is. At this time, I have no new info to add to the thread so I don’t want to keep bumping it.

mostly likely it’s because you question has been asked many times before hand, so with a little effort you can find your answer.

Looked at your post. I think it’s worth bumping up if you don’t have an answer after about 4-5 days. Your post seems legit. As long as it’s not troll-worthy you make the judgement call and bump it up after a couple of days. Most people get flamed because of a lack of common sense and ‘was that question worth asking’.

Use google and the forum search function

Ask in the appropriate section and in the appropriate pre-existing threads if it applies.

Stickies are great aswell.

As asproc said around a week it’s fine to give it a bump but, only bump if you have exhasted all other options (the ones I mentioned above).

Finally, sometimes the answer just might not be known.

Really, an entire week

The more knowledgeable people in TT don’t browse the forum all day and imo it’s understandable to bump it once around 12 hours, especially if it has no responses to it by then and especially if a project is being put on hold because there are no responses.

Of course if you bump it twice and still get nothing, then consider the possibility that nobody knows the answer and that you are going to have to figure it out yourself.

IMO 12 hours is too soon. After 12 hours it’s still on the first 3 pages, possibly even still the first page.

Try sending a PM to jdm714. He’s pretty knowledgable about arcade sticks if it’s about them.

Sooooo… instead of simply offering an answer to his question or at least throwing a link up, you’re going to reply with all the reasons why it wasn’t answered?

Way to support community growth there, chief.

I think I’ll do that. Do people mind receiving PMs from strangers asking technical questions?



For those interested, my problem is on page 11 of this thread:


I’m glad you assumed everybody in the thread knew the answer to his question or knew where to find information for his question.

I think it’s a good thing that they would at least answer his question of why his original post hasn’t been answered. Instead of trying to pull BS out of nowhere and have him mess up his stuff.