What is currently the most popular fighting game right now?


So i’m looking to buy a new fighting game but i want one with a huge online community. I have a PS3 and a PC that can run games decently but i prefer PS3. I also just recently bought a Madcatz T.E. I currently have the original sf4 and sfxt but sf4 has no community and sfxt has a small community and the fun is starting to drop. I’m looking for any type of fighting game that has a large community that will last a while and is fun on an arcade stick. I am currently debating over umvc3 or ssf4ae. Which one has a bigger community or if their is any other, please tell me. Also if i get ssf4ae, which system should i get it for? My only friend who plays fighting games has ssf4ae for pc so i would probably get it for pc if i was to pick it.


You can get both AE and ultimate marvel pretty fucking cheap from some over stocked amazon seller with free shipping, both always have players, id expect you could get both new for under 30$ online, where gamespot still wants 1 million dollars


Actually, i did a lot of research. I only have $30 to spare and cheapest ssf4ae for ps3 is $20 at gamestop (surprisingly) and pc is $12 at a cdkey site. Cheapest Marvel is $27 on ebay.






SSF4AE is still cheaper at gamestop but i guess if i am to get UMVC3, i’ll save $2 and get it from amazon then. But you didn’t answer my question, which has a larger online community?


there both large …You will always find games…Im guessing AE because even old goats like me that are not into the long combo exhibition style of marvel. still also play sf4 because are days in the arcades in the early 90z carried on to future sf titles footsies and yadda yadda threw the years, so i would assume AE is ahead by a few, Ultimate marvel really only the hard core upgraded when the released it only months after the first mvc3


Between the two, AE has better netcode.


Umm… SSF4AE is $11 used on Amazon… The fuck is Gamestop cheaper than that?

I wish I could have sold you my copy of it… Just tossed it for $10 shipped in the trading outlet, and a B1G1, so it was actually $10 for that and another game… O_o


go AE it is more playable online


i think i checked that one yesterday , but that dude wants like 15$ for shipping or some shit,Unless it changed, trying to dup mofoz


AE for sure. Also cause other regions and countries play the game as well. From what I heard Marvel didn’t selll too well in Japan for example as to be expected.

AE also got the better netcode, but Marvel is just a tonnnnnn of fun but can be frustrating as hell online. I’d say get both still. But if you want better online + more players at once AE should be good. After that probably Tekken


You can’t set a price for shipping on Amazon. Trust me, I’m an Amazon seller. It’s $3.99
You’ll be paying $15 for the whole thing.


I have AE and Marvel on PS3 and AE definately has more players. Most Marvel players r on Xbox simply because the online is better so Marvel PS3 is a bit quiet


I’m really looking forward to skullgirls -Woo hoo! lol


Sf4 has the biggest online community of all fighting games


I think you can buy AE as a direct download fom PSN for $30, I know thats more than a used disc, but then you don’t have to fuck with a disc.


SSf4 AE is it.


MvC Origins


AE2012 might have the best netcode out of the current generation of Capcom games, but there are fewer players in AE2012 lobbies than P4U lobbies right now and Persona’s netcode is better anyways. Just checked for population purposes.


When’s Marvel?