What is different from the japanese ps3 and american ps3

I was told that the japanese ps3 is able to play both japanese and american games from ps1,ps2 and ps3.

While the american verson doesnt play japanese game.

Can anyone confirm this for me.
I’m planing on getting a PS3.

i think japanese ps3’s dont play american ps2 games.

id like to know this too

According to Play-asia, which I find to be pretty reputable, a Japanese PS3 only plays Japanese PS1 and PS2 games. But they say that so far they have found PS3 games to region free.

As stated before

All PS3 and Blu Ray movies are region free

BUT if you want to use PS3 to play DVDs or backwards compatible games, they must be from your region or region free.

Japanese PS3: All PS3 and Blu Ray. All Jap region PS2, PS1, DVDs

American PS3: All PS3 and Blu Ray. All US region PS2, PS1, DVDs


Wow, so a PS3 Fire Pro could be in my future? :lol:


Actually, Blu Ray movies DO have region coding, it is just that, this time around North America and East Asia are the same region. And most Blu Ray releases so far in general have had no region coding (i.e. Warner Releases) or have coding for all regions (i.e. PotC1&2), the latter being completely identical to the former in many respects.

IIRC the issue with BC with PS1/PS2 is purely based on the physical media at the moment (well if you want to be technical anyway, for DVDs), though I should test this out sometime with NTSCU/C PS1 games bought off PSN on my NTSCJ PS3.

If enough people bitch err suggest to SCE to remove region encoding for PS1/PS2 BC games, then they would likely do it.

P.S. Actually, for people with NTSCU/C PS3s, get the Xi (Devil Dice) PS1 demo off the JP PS Store, if the game works on your domestic console then my theory will hold true.

Yes I should have been a bit more clear. Of course they can code the Blu Ray for any region, but no movie or game has limited regions thus far.

Sony is allowing studios and developers choose if they want to limit region, but so far as I kknow, none have.


Thanks everyone for replying. :wgrin:
I was seriously considering of getting a JAP PS3 but I’m better off with a AMERICAN PS3. You guys saved me alot of trouble lol.

I already bought ninja gaiden sigma.
All I need is the console and I’m set.
I hear rumors that there will be a price cut. Fingers crossed.

its already confirmed ^^