What is Disco?


So I’ve recently been listening to disco, particularly Arabesque from the 70s. I want to expand my musical knowledge of disco, so feel free to share your favorite hits and experiences!

Here are my favorites currently:
Friday Night

Hello Mr. Monkey


I expected better from you.

I’m beginning to doubt you fantasize about burying your face in her thighs every day.


That isn’t disco hun, LOL


Why not?
Disco is just club music.
Club music is just dance music.

You can make an argument that disco was a precursor to electronic music, and perfume is electronic dance music.

It even has disco in the title.



Nocchi is profoundly disappointed in you (so am I).


Nocchi is best.


Damn I love them old school 70’s banana tits…wait what was this thread about, something about the op being a closet homosexual?


Beegees are manly as shit, back off.





Disco is just a style of club music but not club music itself. How many times i have looked for club music just to end up with shitty pop remixes, lol that’s no club music.

I also listen to disco but mainly 80’s, italo disco HiNrG stuff. also have listened to like 90 albums of super eurobeat so far.



VERY good stuff, putting this on my playlist. Got damn this shit is groovy.



there’s half of it though, labeled wrong. Better audio.

Since the one in Russia got taken down, complete with beard install and onstage dancing, high stepping in one of those famous town squares

Disco is gogo boots, africans and space capes.


Lol. No.




Disco isn’t a style of music or dance or fashion. It’s not an era. It’s not somewhere you can go or something you can do. Disco is not even just a lifestyle!

Disco is a state of mind. Disco is what happens when you electrify a soul, brother!!! Disco is how you get to space, how you become a space soul!

People who are truly passionate about the disco, people who feel it in their ears and in their limbs AND in their hearts, people who really understand… well I’m here to let all of you bodies know that these people, people like me, we people… we are keeping the disco alive inside of us.

This is a radio brain wave that goes out to allllll you other space souls out there.

We keep it alive, we keep it strong, and we keep it movin’, all for the day that the Earth needs disco again. That day is coming. And when it does, we’ll be here to let the disco out.


finally, a god like srk thread. continue, this will be good

**Soul Train Line It’s A Disco NIght Isley Brothers **




Dis thread da bes. Disco forever!


Soul Train lines from the 70s and 80s are so fucking awesome. Black folks have so much culture and history thats slowly being erased by american media.


I just gotta say one thing: I feel sorry for all disco drummers. They have the most boring fucking job as a musician. Well, second most boring. Most boring is still a wedding band cellist (fucking Pachelbel). But really, a disco drummer sits there and does the same exact motions from beginning to end without fail. Hell, in damn near every case, the drummer does it in even the SAME TEMPO from beginning to end. My god this must be boring as shit.

This is also why I can’t stand the genre for the most part, myself. It’s sad when one can take one measure of a song’s rhythm track and transplant it on loop into most every other song within its genre and no one will notice. The few disco tunes that break that mold are the only ones worth a damn, IMO.


I know this aint disco but COT DAMN they was killin it