What Is Double-Tapping? (Arcade Stick)

I’ve recently purchased an arcade stick, and I’ve watched some videos where they mention ‘double tapping’. what is that and if there’s a video which relates to it please post it.


Double tap at 0:13

Oh I see, what does double-tapping do , to the character you are using?

some characters like sagat have special feint moves that will cancel itself. and double taps can be used for special moves to ensure a better chance of a specific strength (like only wanting a jab version) coming out.

Oh right, I personally play with Ryu, are there any double taps with him?

Basically double-tapping helps to make sure that your move comes out properly. It can be applied to doing both special moves and normal moves. For some people, It can make certain links and cancels easier to land. During a tense match, your nerves can sometimes cause you to mis-time your moves, so learning these ‘advanced’ techniques can help mitigate those effects.

I think I get it, so for example, in Yun’s Target combo, the mp,hp, <-Hp, I press each twice so it lands correctly?

One question and I do not know if it is related to this.
Sometimes a character turns yellow faking an EX move, then suddenly has normal color and makes a normal move.
I’ve only managed to this with C.Viper (the fake ground charge attack). But how is it possible with others? Eg with Ryu what buttons do you press and how is this called?
Most of the time character turns yellow, does a step forward, turns normal and attacks. How can this be usefull?

I’m no pro by any means, but under that practice - aren’t you forfeiting the need to learn timing? I’m very familiar with Yun and that combo - and I’ve never even thought of double tapping. A good double tapping example on Yun is EX Forward Lunge Punch>Ultra 1.

Double tap with moderation.

That is a focus attack dash cancel or FADC. As a Ryu this is one of those things you have to know. Mp srk Fadc into ultra 1 is a bread and butter combo for anti air.

During a special move that can be fadc’d you have to focus attack (mp+mk) and hold it down whille dashing( either forward or back, but most of the time it is forward.) So after you double tap to dash you can let go of the mp+mk buttons and continue a move off of that.

Take note that you need 2 bars of meter to fa cancel a special move. If not the focus attack cancel wont happen.

lol, Personally my executions are quite good, I don’t play with Yun, I just said that as an example…

Ah. Well, there ya go :slight_smile:

Lol, I think this thread kind of went off topic, what I want to know is specifically, I’m a RYU player, are there any double-tap moves which I can learn?

Yup. Ryus cr.MP, cr.MP is a 2-frame link.

Double tapping makes it easier.

Also consider the use of ‘plinking’, which I find a lot more useful than double-taps, depending on what kind of link you’re trying to do.