What is Elena's most damaging combo that

doesn’t require meter or a jump-in? In otherwords, that can be performed on the ground? I use c.mp->srk but I am hoping there is something more than that; it often doesn’t even get all of the hits of the scratch wheel.

You can use Lk scratch wheel instead of Mk or Hk; that way, you always get the knockdown.

Otherwise, the single most damaging combo that doesn’t use EX or a jump-in is:

Hp Mallet Smash, Hk Scratch Wheel.

This is a terribly hard, impractical link, but it does almost as much damage as SA2 does, cold turkey.

The bottom line is that Elena really needs meter to do combos. She can still sport a tricky offensive game with her hi/low/throw mixups, but you won’t be doing much damage until you have the meter to do EX. This shouldn’t ever be a big deal anyways, since it doesn’t take much meter at all to EX.

gotta do a s.lk first then Hk scratch well i believe

I’m not sure what you mean…

HP mallet smash into Lk then Hk scratch wheel.

I’m a scrub with Elena.

Thanks, new question:
If you have enough meter for ONE EX move, what do you do? I am thinking about punishing supers, wiffs, etc.

Elena has two B&Bs, both of which only use one EX:

  1. C.Mp XX EX Spin Scythe, Lk Scratch Wheel; or

The first combo knocks down, does more guarunteed damage, and builds more meter. It’s generally a more solid, stable option.

  1. C.Mp XX EX Spin Scythe, /\ J.Mp -> J.Hp

The second combo is a reset. It does less damage than the first combo; however, since it resets, AND you can ground cross-up some (maybe all?) characters with this combo, you can play mindgames with them that can result in more total damage if you come out on top.

So, in the end, the first one is a more safe option, while the second one is more of a risk/reward investment. You’ll, of course, have to decide which one is better in every situation, depending on who has the advantage, whether or not your opponent has meter, and your opponent’s ability to read you.

Thanks. Not familiar with the /\ notation - what does it mean?

/\ Means to jump, but I don’t know how much it’s used outside of combo notation for the crossover games.

In any case, in that combo, it means to jump towards your opponent and finish the combo.