What is Epic Music?

I have been hearing people talk about epic this epic that but seriously what is epic music.


Part 2: [media=youtube]3Fi-StS-O5U[/media]

Part 2: [media=youtube]XDobrKD1_kM&feature=channel_page[/media]

[media=youtube]5xHNGrVGHf4[/media] Yeah boyeeee


You guys are all doin it wrong… it’s

[media=youtube]65ea873fF2Y[/media] in a new window almost at the same time


[media=youtube]xnWO7iJZXDA[/media] this

LMFAO I actually did this, and it truly WAS epic!

Oh, and my contribution to this thread: [media=youtube]Pt-NvcuDVBc[/media]



I win this thread…shit was free son…


posting in epic thread.

I love that beat, I think its an Electric Light Orchestra sample used in it

and this…

OK im done…

  • [media=youtube]a53s4jyCqqU"[/media]

  • [media=youtube]SLuW-GBaJ8k"[/media] used by Kubrick in 2001.

  • [media=youtube]L0bcRCCg01I"[/media] famously ripped off by John Williams for Star Wars

  • Prokofiev’s Alexander Nevsky particularly [media=youtube]Xy84N_U5jw0"[/media]
    -[media=youtube]sHDmXtW9Yx0"] Anvil of Crom and [URL=“http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=onGWF8mz1Zw”[/media]from the Conan soundtrack by Poledouris

  • and of course [media=youtube]hrML6s1wNHk"[/media]

  • [media=youtube]tCvMKcNJCAY&feature=related"[/media]

  • almost anything popular by Queen

IMO, somethin that you think of that gets you groovin in the most unexpected place, like your job. Not lookin like pookie from new jack city… just happy in a temporary paradise of sorts.


Incredible song. Incredible enough to make me not want to play and continue re-watching it.


Epic win.


i always thought this song was epically horrible…


How about Imogen Heap’s Hide and seek. It’s like, YOU NEED TO BE SHOT TO GET THE FULL AFFECTION OF IT>