What is everyone still playing regularly? (on console)

So like, with DoA4 / SS Tenka and other console games coming out now or in the near future, I’d like to hear what everyone still plays or is interested in playing.
I still have not had a chance to play DoA4, and I know someone has to have it…
So, Im just interested in hearing what everyone still plays/would play, especially with some of the newcomers to PDX, and maybe push the weekly console gatherings at PSU (which I do every freaking chance I get).

So right now I’ve been playing #R, Tenka (and every other SNK game), and the usual 3s/VS/ST/etc.
KoF11 (in march) and GGXX Slash (in april)… and Fist of the North Star (whenever its out)
Edit : and just for the hell of it - MK:DD, SSBM, Puyo Puyo and Halo 2.

MvC2 and WoW. What else do you need?

Just the usual 3S, #R, and a little Marvel. Been messing around in A2/A3 and playing KoF 98/2002/NW here and there. Waiting for my NGBC to arrive (yeah I know I’m hella late on that). And I can’t wait until Fist of the North Star (which I hear is getting a US arcade release), Guilty Gear Slash, and KoF XI gets released. I’ve been wanting to play JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure since I’ve never played it before. Other than fighting games its been some FF4. Damn a lot of people die in that.

The King of Iron First Tournament!!!

If we’re talking just fighting games then Marvel, DOA4, and Tekken 5. I play Alpha 3 on a MAME machine almost everyday with a coworker. Other than fighting games, Shadow of the Colossus, Call of Duty 2, and PGR3.

NGBC, I like SS Tenka and waiting for KOFXI, also I get to play Cvs2 once every full moon when I get comp.

Other then that mostly handhelds, lately Trauma Center (DS) and DJ Max / Lumines for PSP.

quoted for truth

Trauma Center is bomb. Have you tried Osu Tatakae Ouendan? Imported, like DDR with a stylus with cool manga scenes.

I still play 3rd Strike, and SF2 AE on the console.

besides that its Warcraft 3 on the Bnet. and some yahoo Chess on the side.

Took up Phantom Dust again… playing a lot of that right now on live.

Guilty Gear XX Slash is out, wooh.
Everyone should hop on the bandwagon and learn to play it now. heh.


Indeed. Ky is too buff. :tup:

CVS2 3S KOF neowave (as of tommorow) Super ST!

Meh, I probably won’t get slash until I pay my 200$ dept.
Damn Pay hentai site hidden fees…:arazz:

XX/ and miscellaneous other games every so often.


Slash is owning me. I’ve been giving away my ps2 to take breaks from it… actually, I only play when people are over, I probably should goto practice mode sometime though…
Almost done with Drakengard 2, still not far in Shadow Hearts 3, halfway through Kingdom Hearts 2, then I think I’ll start on Suikoden 5… if I dont end up playing Oblivion (PC) all day instead… ugh. Redguards have negro rage as a racial ability, lol.