What is everyone's name here?

How is everyone on the boards today? I was just wondering if everyone could introduce themself? btw, my name is Brian.

My name is Anthony. What’s up Brian!

My name is Dougie. What’s up Anthony and Brian!
j/k. It’s Garrett.

Nicklaus. I go by Nick though.

I’m Michael. What’s going on?

My nickname is Zeke

Ps: Now it’s time for some useless facts



My name is Adamaska… i mean John, Errr David… nevermind.

What are all of your home adresses?

I am Ensign Kevin the Sword. The ladies call me Kev. Whas happin’?

Also, where do you hide the key you use to get into your house when you loose your main key?

And which window belongs to your cute sister?

What’s up Brian, Anthony, Dougie, David(?), Kev, Zeke and Wolfkiller.

I’m Steve Mack.

Hey guys, I’m Moya.


Phil…but I go by Pedro XIII

Another Anthony!

Ahoj,moje jmeno je "Petr"
Hello,my name is Peter!

You may never have guessed it from my screen-name, but my name is Mohammed Ali.

Mohammed Ali

WASSUP shoryuken bretheren lol im KOREI

That’s not a real name, tell your folks to read a book.