What is footsies and plinking?


ive been playing and ive heard much about these so plz dont get at me saying [OMG U DONT KNOW WHAT THOSE ARE NOOOB QUIT NOW HAHAHHA} lol well any help is needed


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Plinking is like linking for people who can’t link. Or something.

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Footsies is a term used to refer to the technique of mobilizing yourself around the stage at the optimal range of your pokes/just outside the optimal range of your opponent’s pokes.
Plinking is a new term that originated from the SF4 series. This was discovered during training mode when Kirbysim noticed in training mode that when two buttons are pressed at slightly different timings, the initial button will display an additional input when the second button is pressed.


yeah i think zoning is like ? what dhalsim and sagat do when they keep people away with fireballs and pokes and plinking is double tapping to put normals hits behind specials but ty alot lol


I got written up for playing footsies with my friend in elementary school : (


Wow, you’ve gotten the most unproductive replies I’ve ever seen…

You’ll want to read this, ALL OF IT, to learn about footsies.

As far as plinking goes:

Plinking is basically a manipulation of the SF4 engine. Game is programmed to be lenient with the way it read inputs, and in doing so it affords you a few advantages.

Understanding this comes in several parts:

Rule number 1: when two buttnos are pressed without a motion input, the game prioritizes the heavier input. :lp: + :mp: is read as :mp:, :mp: + :hp: is read as :hp:. This is also the case when you go from :lk: to :mp:, or from :mp: to :hk:…

Rule number 2: If you press two buttons close enough together, the game gives you create for having pressed them at the same time. If you hit :hp: and moments later, you hit :lp:, the game will assume you meant to press :lp::hp:.

With those two thoughts in mind here is what plinking is:

If you press two buttons in close proximity, the game will give you create for the heavier button having been pressed in two subsequent frames. Done correctly, your inputs will look like this in training mode:


But you’ll have only pressed :hp: once.

Watch this if none of that makes sense:



I don’t fully understanding plinking I get the priority piece, but I can’t see how that makes life easier. Can anyone post a combo with normal inputs and then plinking inputs and discuss the advantage?


Footsies is best described by what it’s not. It’s not mixups, combos, runaway, jumping, or hardcore zoning like Sagat’s fireball trap, Dhalsim’s one-way poking game, or Blanka doing half screen Blanka balls. Footsie only occurs at ranges where both characters have relevant attack options and every option from both characters has a counter. Otherwise people just abuse the option that has no counter. All the moves I mentioned can be used to footsie.


Does that sonichurricane guide still apply he’s talking about cvs2 and sf3 those are outdated games that I’ve never played and will never play. SF4 is a lot different from them.


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