What is frame data and how it relates to linking combos


im trying to learn how to link combos and i wanted to know how does linking combos relates to frame
and i wanted to know what numbers would i be checking for when looking at frame data and trying to
link combos as it relates to frame data


Check a move’s advantage on hit and the next move’s startup. If the second move has fewer frames of startup than the previous move’s frame advantage on hit then they may be linked.

Bison’s Cr Strong leaves you +6 on hit and his Cr Forward starts up in 6 frames. Therefore you have 1 frame to press Forward after the recovery of Strong and it will link, any later and your opponent will be able to block it.


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what does + 5 means when talking about on hit advantage


Read this: shoryuken.com/forum/index.php?threads/basic-frame-data-guide-for-newbies.106615/

Should have all the info you need :slight_smile:


i read that and i did’nt understand a word they was saying lol


It means that once the moves hits the opponent cannot do anything (neither block or jump away) for 5 frames. The game runs at a fixed rate of 60 frames per second.


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Yeah, being +5 means that you recover (are able to do things) 5 frames earlier than your opponent so push a button that has less than 5 startup frames to create a link.


i don’t think what the bird lives was saying works because i just tried what he said and the link combos still not working.


Some links are extraordinarily difficult, and there are also distance issues. Some moves don’t get their full extension on the first active frame, so the pushback from the first move may be too much. It’s really a case by case thing. Instead of trying to come up with original link combos, try some known bnbs first to get a feel for how they work, THEN explore on your own.