What is getting you excited for Tekken 7?

What new game mechanics do you think are good or bad for the Tekken scene?

Good Mechanics:
[] Wall Pressure is BACK, Oh my god i just… i didn’t realize the pun. (BACK = WALL)
] Tailspin allows for easy wall splats.
[*] Some Properties give easy corner resplats, good for juggles.

Bad Mechanics:
[] Harada, Removing Armor King and Nerfing Heihachi so JDCR would lose the EVO tournament and premeditated matching of brackets so JDCR would fight off KNEE’s Akuma who had been playing T7:FR exclusively since the release of Tekken 2.

We’re not done yet.

What makes TEKKEN 7 the best.

The greatest mechanic.

Capos are gone.

I agree, it looks like the wall is really scary this time around. If they have their back to the wall I think a player should be at a disadvantage Rage Arts & Rage Drives give the disadvantaged player more options to make a comeback with is an interesting back & forth kinda thing.

I to would like to see Armor King.

Didn’t they buff Heihachi up or did they nerf him after the buff? I had heard he went from one of the worst characters to one of the best.

Isn’t Lucky Chloe basically a capo?

Well yes, Heihachi was buffed.

As far as i had seen Lucky Chloe on tournaments and online matches, her moves doesn’t crush as much as the capos. Setups doesn’t come from stupid RLX, and as far as using crushing moves it has to be systematical and timed, unlike capos, you can press anything and your opponent would just whiff. She also has Ling’s hopkick and some of her other moves.

Yoshimitsu was buffed but still needs more buffing to make it to S+ tier.

Lars was nerfed. Noctis seems to have similar but more flashier moves and has great range compared to lars. Noctis also has a sword, lightning and fire.