What is going on wit ss4 ae in the nw?


so we have the SF4 cab @ Acme and @ GameWorks… does anybody have any word on when they get the update? i know game works is for certain, not sure if Acme is tho…


http://shoryuken.com/f22/ssfiv-washington-arcade-251151/ - already got a thread YOMP


Really?! First off, the game came out on the 16th (yesterday) in Japan so it would at least be a week before we get it purely based on shipping time. Also neither GW or Bill (the guy who runs the Acme arcade) have told us they have for sure ordered it and even if they have, they haven’t told us when they’d expect it. So let me put it this way, I fully don’t expect Seattle to have AE until 2011, mid January at the earliest. Hopefully I’ll be proven wrong…

Also, Nate posted the thread link already.