What is going on with VGC?


I have learned my lesson the hard way. Since I preordered the MadCatz TE stick that I never got, I have since switched my order to the HORI Real Arcade Pro EX for the XBOX360. I ordered this HRAP last week after not getting the TE fightstick and the ‘kid’ in customer service orders me the Pro 3 which is the HRAP for Playstation 3, after I asked him for the HORI for the 360. I didn’t realize this until today and supposedly the Pro 3 shipped last friday. In the meantime, the EX price on the website has gone up from 129.99 the day I ordered to 189.99 today. I’m hoping to get things resolved, but this is getting ridiculous. Everywhere else the EX is sold out and the only solution to maybe getting one is through EBAY.


Why are u making random threads? No wonder our servers get flooded, take it to the “Official SFIV FightSticks & FightPad Thread (Updated 2/18; Read OP for SE Issues Thread” :arazz: If I had the Power to Close this I would!