What is Guile's Frame trap? (if Any)



hey ive been using guile for a couple weeks but dont know his frame trap can anyone help me.

  • thanks in advanced


Upside down kick often gets people to press buttons. The main issue is that people just jab mash against it’s start-up.


Any two moves that leave a gap of 2 to 4 frames between their start up and recovery frames can form a frame trap.

if you can find some frame data you’ll be able to see which moves you can use.


Reverse Spin Kick (upside down kick) is his main frame trap, try using it when you think they’ll go for a low poke, or when they’re spooked into blocking. Otherwise, try it off a blocked j. HK, and you’ll have success. After that, go into cr. MP, cr. MP.

Cr. MP is another easy frame trap. Do it twice, staggered by a frame or two, and it will catch mashers. This also sets up an easy tick throw by doing cr. MP, cr. MP, Knee Bazooka (which whiffs, and puts you at perfect throw range).

Close range LP Sonic Booms can also be a frame trap against a lot of characters. Again, experiment with using cr. MP after a blocked point-blank LP boom and see how it goes.