What is it about ZONK?

I’ve been doing alot of thinking on how Cody’s game could be expanded using the smallest change…and I have a question. Why does ZONK not just come out whenever you want? On wakeup for example why doesn’t it come out the instant your “up”? Like srk for instance…this is also seems to be true after blockstun. Was this something implemented to keep the move from being abuseable?

On that same note I was considering what if regular ZONK was either special cancelable (into CU) or FADCable after the “dodge” phase? Kinda like how 2hit normals are special cancelable. Just a thought, I’m not really good at sitting back and theorizing about all the possible situations and whatnot so I thought I’d post to get some input on whether this would be useful to his game without being broken.

u doing it simply to fast. if it doesn’t come out, you let go in your wake up frames or your block stun. zonk is like the slowest reversal in the game. lvl 1 has 16 frames start up, lvl 2 17 and lvl 3 18 frames. (that’s SIX times a srk start up). that’s the reason it get stuffed quite good or simply blocked, because their moves have recovered in that time.

don’t get your second part. zonk isn’t special cancable, which wouldn’t even make sense considering it’s a special itself. and yes, we all would like to have a FADC on it (on mk+lk ruffian aswell : D) but it didn’t happen in AE so maybe we won’t ever see it in sf4.

i dont play cody so i could be wrong but i think, you are just releasing the button a bit too early on wakeup/after blockstun, that’s why it doesnt come out, the difference between zonk and the srk is that a srk gives you negative edge at the release of the button so you have a better chance of it coming out on the first possible frame, the zoonk has to be timed perfectly to come at the first possible frame.

if youre having trouble trying to zonk on wakeup(not really always the best idea in the first place), then just hold all 3 & reverse-piano. or try a visual cue… i think that one guy used when cody places his hand on his knee in a youtube vid a whiiiiile back

Ahh I see yea I could swear sometimes I’m releasing when im out of blockstun but yea I guess its likely I’m just not seeing that 1or2 frames of difference.

Butyea on the ZONK>CU idea I was just thinking back how you could Dodge into CU back in Alpha 3. I just thought that could be a way to “dodge” technically without having to actually add a new move. And yea I know everyone would love FADCing out of all specials (I know I would), is there any use at all for CU FADC? Seems pretty useless to me.

make it safe when u dropped a combo, as mixup FADC on block (i use that way to often, bad habit), or a workaround to combo into hk ruffian on a crouching opponent. tho to get anything out if it you’d require a full super meter and you’ll probable do less damage then going straight into it. stun can be ignored since your followup attacks after the stun would do like 10% dmg without a reset. so it’s mostly first two mentioned reasons.

they left alpha dodge out because it was too strong in the ssf4 alpha and changed it into a charge command^^
oh boy, it would be awzum if it was PPP command or a srk move or anything but a charge command. =/

Ah ok gotcha. And yea I agree about ZONK command also, you would think since it’s his only counter move you could actually use it like one…on the fly, not plan ahead and hope it pays off before losing the function of whatever normal your charging ends up costing you in some way.

Cody’s Zonk is way too broken to be an input move. Fully invincible against most moves and practically safe on block…plus ex even better and FADCable? Wow.

  1. it has FRIGGIN 16-18 frames START UP - broken for a start up? it’s like doing a random ultra in most cases, and even then it’s still slower.
  2. zonk has only upper body invincibility, every lower hitting move will stuff it clean.
  3. you can throw it all day long
  4. you lose many tools just for charging it.
  5. SAFE?! LOL? what did you take? it’s -8 on block. if you can’t punish that, you just don’t deserve to.

seeing you playing dan let me tell you: his srk is 100000 times better then zonk.

quote of the day

1.) Fine on wake up or in block strings from my experience.
2.)Ive tried cmk which is the lowest move ive got and i get hit…
4.)Its fine in blockstrings or on wake up
3.) and 5.) didnt know that, thanks! Is that at any distance/any version though? somehow I doubt it, but if its true awesome.

I knew that, haha.

to be clear, normal zonk can be thrown and stuffed by attacking low. ex zonk is full body and throw invincibile - similar to ex messiah kick. doesn’t change the fact that normal zonk suxx apesh!t.
and you still lose a tool no matter what, no matter the situation. you don’t charge and release it immediatly, you’ve to keep an eye for the right situation. on wake up it’s a bad move. ex zonk can be used SOMETIMEs, but it’s like doing a 16frame start up ex srk,
you can make zonk up to -5 at best, but for this it has to hit meaty (on opponent’s wakeup or stuff) and is still highly punishable. tho, it has quite a good reach so you might need to walk a bit.
and btw, cody has no block strings. he has block pressure, but besides c.lp, c.lp chain, nothing combos [on block]. u could mash srk all day long into everything.

…so after acknowledging the start-up and frame disadvantage you still type “it’s fine in blockstrings or on wakeup”? Umm yeah dude, totally 0~0

It is perfectly fine on wake up! Ive never been able to block in time after Ive committed to a move when Cody does EX Zonk.
Sorry, I meant during my blockstrings.

You’re either new or a troll. I’m going with troll.
But if in the off chance for whatever reason you’re being serious, then let the people who actually main/study Cody enlighten you to the truth without any of your ignorant remarks.
So why not go into training mode and practice punishing and countering Zonk. With enough practice you will see that it is actually really easy.
Standard Zonk sucks. EX-Zonk has some uses but still sucks.

Im not a troll. Im not new either. I just get beaten by good codys offline a lot. I didnt know Zonk was so easily countered and was such a crappy move till now. So thanks, hopefully I will stop losing.

Honestly, zonk being a hold a button charge move is what keeps me from trying to play cody seriously. I don’t get why they didn’t just make it a normal input.

Ehh besides what zUkU said you can punish zonks with cr.mk, ex danku/fb or simply just block and punish it. Heck you can grab him if walk forward a bit but it depends how deep the zonk hit your block is from max distance just hit it.BTW the reason why you might get hit by it a lot is because maybe you are using danku on his wake up to keep the pressure up? If you see that they abuse that on their wake up jump neutral if you timed well his zonk will miss and u get a combo opportunity.

I have found that the occasional EX Zonk to the face on the opponents wake up works wonders as a mix up, even though I don’t usually FADC it to make it safe (doing it more now though). Its so retardedly unsafe on block though you can only really use it like once a match or maybe once a round MAX.

If I do a backthrow, followed by a successful empty jump backthrow, an empty jump to ex zonk will get people usually.

oh the possibilities of ex zonk are endless, lord knows it’s one of my worst habits, but here’s a cool set up: after a successful throw, try to walk up throw again, if it doesn’t work you might eat some damage, but if it does work, you’ve successfully mind fucked your opponent, you can then proceed to walk up and EX zonk. Risk v Reward, use your own judgment but don’t try this on good players tho, it won’t work.