What is it gonna take to play Marvel competitively Version #2

Mods please close the other thread it is “derailed” and it appears we need a fresh start.

Do not post anything unrelated to how Marvel can become popular and more can garner interest into it.

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why are you posting about a game that you dont even play nor is interested in playing. this is a lost cause, no need for another thread.

Toan if you’ve been following closely there is a reason I am doing this. You are obviously totally oblivious to the reasons so educate yourself before you judge!

Speak to Robust he will be glad to answer your questions.

After all I did this for HIM.

I really wont even be in here to tell you the truth…Educate before you hate!

im just stated the facts about snk dont get mad because someone says your game is thrash.making another thread wont make snk any good.

Dude I aint mad believe :lol: me I respect you for your opinion. Remember I aint the one mad…

I just realize when some are haters and some are just voicing their opinions.

Now please keep SNK/Non-Marvel talk out of this thread or I shall report to the Mods myself..

If you want to talk SNK there is a thread for that isn’t there???

If you did this for him, lukus, did he specifically ask you to make another thread? if so please provide info. if not then wtf are you doing here?

marvel has no name for you nor it will ever. please dont discuss about a game that you dont even know anything about.

syadicate- lukus doesnt even play the game so hes the one “totally oblivious”, he doesnt even deserve to be trash on the marvel, ppl that are trash actually plays it.


Toan stfu you are not reading what is going on. He feels I am part of the reason for the derailment of the Marvel #1 thread so I am trying to be the good man and start clean on it and make another one.

Once again I am just trying to get it going, as trying to be the better man making amends so once again keep your unfounded comments to yourself.

See below post Toan I think that’ll explain a lot to you.


Ill say it again Toan- Educate before you hate.

And who are you to say I wont ever get good at Marvel??? That type of mentality is what keeps people from wanting to learn ANYTHING…thats called elitism.

Remember Robust and Deus are trying to get more people playing it…you are turning people away.

the low-tier matches at FRX were pretty sweet. Wanted to pick up the game just for the low-tier fun, since I would be way over my head (in many terms) if I wanted to play it seriously.

Sooo potter never actually asked you to make another useless thread like this? i mean if he wanted another thread, he would make one wouldnt you think?

WHY of all people, do YOU make a thread about MARVEL?? you see the ill-logic in it?

BTW i do read this thread, i read everything or mostly about marvel. dont tell me i dont know shit please k?? kbyethanks.

Duh Toan I know that but I am one not to try and fight anymore, I try to make amends. Because now he is on a rampage hating in all threads that spit hate on the thread. I am trying to calm his nerves if possible and try to move on from there.

So once the thread gets going things go back to normal and I get back to my business.

He actually appreciated me trying to make amends too…after all it is the effort that counts.

The things I remembered from the first thread were people wanting low tier tournaments (not as a replacement for regular tournies, just as fun aside since some people enjoy the variety), more instructional videos (at least this was brought up earlier on), and for some people there was the issue of whether or not it was okay to learn on PS2, since some people who didn’t own DC’s didn’t want to have to go buy one just to give the game a try.

"its really your best bet to train with someone who is better than you. you learn from them. play like thousands of matches and depending on yourself you will see how well you can adapt. Training mode is excellent practice in so that it gives you better execution in your lengthy combos or whatever it is that you have problem executing. Also TM is great for advance tactics such as guard breaks and unblockables, abuse the manual select.( use a rubber band to hold the P2’s block backwards)

I can tell you that it took me 3 years of playing this game competitively to fulling understand everything there is to know. You will be able to predict throws and when to throw and tech hit, know which attack beats what, and play safe runaway. The most important aspect about this game or any game is learn to BLOCK. Magnetos are very very fast these days. Use magnus and see for yourself. Last but not least watch dozens of vids on youtube, it will help your game. X copy combos you think will be effective."

my post in the strategy section, meaning a person should know this game in and out and play with ppl on their level to be able to compete

As stupid as this may sound learn all the characters you think have potential or comfortable with even if they are bottom-mid tier. But be warned your asking to have your ass handed to you if you pick up low tiers. The fighting system is not in favor at all for them. if you do find a character. Look at different players playing that same character, and find your own playing style with that character. By knowing the pros and cons. Ghost.

I’m here to help, not to get “fame” for marvel. There is not such thing as “fame” from video games, everyone knows that. And if there were, its not the type of fame a person would like in the first place. Anyways, I’ve played the game competitively for a long time and I’d like to share my knowledge. I tried a help thread before and couldn’t really update it as much as i’d like; however, i’d like to give it another shot. Even if you don’t want to play competitively or casually. I’m here to help. I’m NOT here to discuss the viability of the cast and make and points why low tiers are where they are. Because I firmly believe that MOST of the cast can compete but either a) you’re not good enough with low tiers, or b) you don’t understand the dynamics of your team. If you are within this category, complaining will not do anything. You can improve, knowing that you will ALWAYS be limited when fighting against the top-tiers(that’s why they’re considered low-tier characters), and will always have to overcome that. That’s how the game is, deal with it. You can always use top tiers if you’re tired of losing.

Anyways, ask away.

P.S. synacate: please don’t post in this thread, and please don’t rape me at evo.

serious… i got first dibs at that ass.

he is right, my ass is already too loose for you snydacate. good try though. Holla at playa :wink:

p.s. its not rape if you enjoy it.

you’re not helping any, kindly be on topic or gtfo of this thread, who cares who started the thread?

As to the topic at hand:
I like the game a lot and there’s enough in the way of vids and stuff, the only thing holding me back from getting more serious is a lack of consistent competition. I probably could go looking for some but whatever.

I might as well contribute to trying to get on topic:
My main reason is I look at vids and I get discouraged. It’s a bad attitude to have but I see the crazy shit possible, start reading on how to do it then just go “wtf…there’s no way I can do that”

good then that means you wont press charges after im done?fine then,when i come to evo dont bitch out at the last minute.im fucking serious im not fucking joking.im not playing with you.

Now back on topic:

marvel vs mavel is a fun game,i still enjoy it i guess.

As far as getting good with controlling Mags and doing his infinites consistently, is the Claw or Slide method more practical to use?