What is it that drives you to play?


This has nothing whatsoever to do with MvC2 Strategy, nor do I feel this would fit well in the general topic section, because I feel this applys to all Street Fighter, Capcom, what have you lovers. So what is it? Why do you choose to play these games, when in real life, their may be little to no return or benefit from it. I would be pleased if any would voice their own views, opinions, and goals that keeps you striving to be the quickest the fingers, the sharpest of the mind. Or is their even a point? Is it just a passing interest, a fling in the wind to you? Please try to keep this on the topic, for I am interested in what is to be said. My thanks.


i’m generally a competitive person. i know what i can never be the best player in the world…but i do know i can be the best if not one of the best players in the city. and the few times i do meet up with those people and get my assed kicked it just motivates me more so next time i can return the pounding.


i play, to watch newbies look up and say… “using magneto to do a hypergrav xx tempest combo is cheap”, yet u can make a few circles on the stick and u break free. then they talk about me doing ahvb…


To start, I am not of legal age; I’m only 16, yet I have overcome various obstacles to get as okay as I am now. I consider myself pretty good for someone my age, but I’m certainly nowhere near the guys I see here in town, though I do provinde entertaining competition for them, or so they say.

For MVC2, my team consists of Cammy(Anti-air), Psylocke(Anti-air), and Chun-Li(Anti-air). When I pick these three, I’m automatically mouthed by guys behind me about how I’l be an easy win, or how Chun-Li has no game, or how an all girl team will never beat the top-tier characters. However, in my rounds, I always seem to make my opponents play at their best to beat me. I make them have to resort to their greatest extent in order to win…

So, why is it that I play games? I play to:

  1. Play. If I didn’t like video games, I wouldn’t be here right now.
  2. Prove a point. I don’t like to pick Magneto or Cable or any of the top people, or even guys, for the matter. As you can tell, Chun-Li is not looked upon well, and Cammy and Psylocke are only good to an extent. So, I want to show that sometimes, stats and ranks are not always important when it comes to the skill and heart of a player.
  3. Stand up. I have yet to see a large number of underage prodigies in my area. Those that I do see are good and have potential, but I’m still considered the best minor of the arcade. So, I want to prove that age doesn’t always mean experience.
  4. Be counted. I’m always underestimated because of reasons 2 and 3. I just want to show that looks can be deceiving, and that it’s one thing to have the statistically proven advantage, but it’s another thing to have a heart and desire to reach the best you can be.
  5. Improve. I am ABSOLUTELY not the best person at MVC2 or any other game. I can always learn and improve and get better. That is the main reason why I play games…

To recap…I play to improve, be counted, prove myself, and stand up to the underestimating people…

There, I’ve said my mouthful.


1)I used to suck.

2)to many ppl WERE better than me.

3)I cant leave it alone.


What drives me to play? I enjoy a good fight, in anything, I enjoy playing against the scrubs, people below my level and above me, though in my area I can’t find too many people above my level, but a few on the same level as me, but most of all, I love meeting new people and others who have the same passion for fighting games as I do, plus I love to argue with the scrubs who claim they can beat anyone with Cable’s shot pistol x4 xx viper beam or HVB.


How forgetful of me, I didn’t post my reason.

I have always felt that everything I have ever done in life is quite insignificant on a scale measured by others. I have always had a sense of inferiority compared to my siblings and relatives. I feel weighted down by the constant judgements made on my efforts. I was always pushed to reflect those that excelled at something, and I always felt that I was to wear their mask over my face; to be them. I have lost my sense of self and reassurance for quite some time. It is daunting, knowing that whatever I do isn’t enough, and knowing that to do nothing is also unacceptable. I could still laugh, cry, and everything, however what I felt I lacked was motivation. I did not feel compelled to do anything for myself. An emptiness that nawed me away from the inside.

To say the least, gaming was my drug. It was an escape that I used to drown out my thoughts. The feeling that I feel each time I am pitted against someone else, is a rush of adreniline, expectation of a good fight, and a hope that I would win always gave me the feeling that I am alive. To me, they were the feelings I have been lacking. These feelings increase proportionately when I am with my friends, and it somehow gives me a sense that I am here, I exist. Though my depression has lessened, to this day it still naws at me. Yet I no longer use games as a drug, but what it is supposed to be meant for. Entertainment.


I love the skillfull art it takes to throw down a massive combo. I think its the most rewarding part of any of these games. Especially in MVC2


yes doing my magnetic tempest, then with storm ice storm or w/e the name is and then with cyke his mega optic blast feels good sometimes :smiley: friends i play look really up to me but i cant even do the mag infinite :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s good you found your strenght my friend, We all have our rezins for playing this game, As for myself, I found out it takes alot of skill to beat people that are good, and I want to b the best, not because i sold out my fave char to do so, but because I worked hard and i knew i could win, in my heart. I dont’ fight to put down people, in fact i enjoy fighitng ppl at their own level, if someone doesn’t use assists, I don’t like using em anyways, if they are beginner, I won’t kill them as quick. If i don’t pick jin, i might let em’ win. But that’s just me, but in this, as in life, ya jut gotta find out your own standards of right an’ wrong. If you think it’s fair just because they are people out there that would do the same to you , but more over what’s fair, how about what’ right? if you don’t think it’s cool to abuse assists, that’s fine. To me? I don’t use assists against those who don’t, i try not to, but against those who do, it adds another element to the game moreover about who can beat each other out of the 2 points, who built the well oiled machine, who built a team that works well
… as a team prolly would want to work. you may not believe me, but i will defeat Justin Wong, Evo next year.

You can count on it.



well i started playing cuz i thought i was seriously good in fighting games, like owning up my bro or random peepz in crap arcades. then my bro told me “u shud play my one friend. he’s like unbeatable.” And i did, and after being thoroughly embarassed, i played just hoping one day that i would be better than my brother’s friend. And then when i did feel like i was good enuff to beat him in MVC2, i found out he stopped playing Marvel to focus more on GGXX and Third Strike. I still played and kept on getting better. Then came the day of my first and only tourney (I entered one at Family Fun). This proved to be a serious wake-up call as to how much i seriously suck. Since then, I’ve kept on playing so that one day i will be able to place higher than last place in tourneys.

BTW, i no longer feel really bad about taking last in my first tourney. Everyone else told me people rarely do well in their first tourney. I also found out a little info on my 2 opponents that day (one was a member of RUN, and the other eliminated Sanford from the Tips n Tricks tourney a while back). Once i get better i’ll start entering tournies again.


what drives me to play is the fact that someone is always better than me. i play people better then me and when i lose i learn and fix mistakes. i play to reach new goals and get better, learn new things, get more experience.


my reason was that i loved games anykind but i always got owned in fighting games all the damn fucking time by everyone specilally
by my cousin every day of my life till i was 16th and since i began to train myself so i could own him and everyone like god v.s. cristopher reeves!

i bought the CvS2 guide by bradygames and tht little book was what gave me the fighting game 101 lesson and ever since i owned them in every game and learned to link combos , ply effectively with characters ect.

since that experience i’ve been playing and training to become better and better and find my own style of unique play ( i have and that’s reckless crazy rushdown) sadly though i suck at arcades since i’m your gamepad player olny… and since i haven’t found a good cheap and lonely arcade to practice with calm i get owned at arcades very often but now i’m practicing the most so i get better at arcades and start some owning of my own :smiley:


what drives me into this stuff? I can say someone made me play these games. a little cheap bastard bought CvS2 and told me it was best game “ever” damn …he tricked me , he made me buy it …so it was the first time in a couple of years that I wn a fighting game , but how stupid can it get? I hate that game , but I only compete against him , to humiliate him so that he goes back to those RPGs , and make him stop this fighting game addiction!
but no! he bought , MvC2 …so the stuff get’s harder every day
…he improves , and he never gets tired of this game , it totaly pisses me off , so recently I’ve suddenly improved my skills
and had humiliate him , but he keeps trying …I think in the end , no matter how much times I whoop his ass , he wouldn’t give up on this shit and go back to the RPGs.
So the cause is that if I play the fighting games against him , he sometimes plays his RPGs , is like a exchange playing.:confused:


MvC2 scared me off when it first came out cuz there was too much stuff goin on. I always liked it but gave up early. I started playing seriosuly last year and wouldnt have thought i’d be able to do the stuff i can do now. And i dont plan on quitting till i’m da illest :cool: …one of em anyways.


competition. i play for competiton. i hate to loose and i wanna win. thats y i play. peace .


my drive to play would be…

the great feel of a win.
a natural competitive attitude.
the excitement of the game.
or it could all be out of shear boredom.

but eh.:cool:


i play this game becuz nothing beats the adrenaline feeling of a close match.knowi one mistake can mean u lose. its exciting to me,my character versus yours,who knows their character better and who’s more dedicated to winning. plus,it feels good as hell to yell out "whos next"after throughly owning someone all over the screen…yep and thas why i play


i play this game becuz nothing beats the adrenaline feeling of a close match.knowi one mistake can mean u lose. its exciting to me,my character versus yours,who knows their character better and who’s more dedicated to winning. plus,it feels good as hell to yell out "whos next"after throughly owning someone all over the screen…yep and thas why i play


getting owned over and over again by Mixup…getting really really frustrated, going to sleep and waking up, and playin some more. :depress: :fury: :depress: