What is joe too you?

well basically where do you put him on ur team/and would u say he is rushdown,or battery char or if u think something else of him just post and explain ur reasoning behind why u put him their and why u say he is that type of char :slight_smile:

I think he’s more rushdown imo…But I’m not that good at the game yet

I put him on because I goddamn love the Viewtiful Joe series

He’s an annoying bastard meant to get in, cause mayhem, and get out before he dies.

Dive Kicks, timed projectiles, invincible Mach Speed, ducking under a lot of shit, sloooooowwwww, and other stuff.

He’s best played as a rushdown character. He has a pretty good projectile and zoning tools, but he’s a lot more of a threat when get gets in on his opponent and applies pressure with the aid of a lockdown assist or Viewtiful God Hand.

I play Joe for pretty much the same reason I play El Fuerte. I love him as a character, he’s flashy, he doesn’t take himself seriously, he’s underrated, probably won’t be used all that often, and he’s got one of the best offensive mix ups in the game. I generally lean towards lower tier characters as well, I doubt Joe will end up being anywhere close to bottom of the barrel in this game, but there’s nothing obviously OP about him that people can exploit (sans maybe Slow).

I had a blast playing Joe in TvC, and they made him so much more fun it’s ridiculous. Finishing a combo with Slow then reseting for a degrading red hot kick combo is just the bee’s knees.

I really chose Joe just because I think he’s too cool. His design is great and he looks like he’s having a blast the whole time he’s fighting!

As for play style, he’s my point man and something of a battery. Because his rush down is great, but his mobility is a little lacking (relatively speaking, of course) I tend to use a “slow approach” with voomerangs and assists until the other guy is in the corner or open for a red hot kick. Once you get in there though, it’s go time!

IMO, VJoe is really damn versatile. I do a mixture of both. Get in. Do a combo. Back up and throw shit. Got me 11 in a row so it must work lol.

What is Joe to me? The answer is quite simply this: The best thing ever.

On my team though he’s point and rushdown, although he works well at a range too, so really whatever works. I’m not even good att the game yet, but I can tell he has some nasty combos though.

I like Joe, not only as a character, but as a fighter. once he gets in that first hit pretty much guarantees a 20-32hit combo if you do it right. he’ fast and his damage dealing is acceptable.

Joe was more of a keepaway character in TvC. He was a hybrid there. In MvC3 his keepaway isn’t as good now that he can’t sideways RHK, but his rushdown was vastly improved. He’s still somewhat of a hybrid it seems; but only as much as Deadpool is. Deadpool can rush down (jumping guns, teleport, quick work), but only in certain ways that are obviously outshined easily. Joe can keep away, but…well same thing. Having a triple jump (and vrangs that don’t cancel his momentum) improved both sides.

Too much English fail in title.

I think Joe is pretty cool, but I heard he is low tier for a reason :sad:.

this thread is pointless, joe is top tier learn to play him