What is "kara"

can anyone fill me in on that?

From what i know, it is using the frame of one move to extend the range of another. For example, a kara srk is used by making the motion of srk, than quickly hitting hk~jp. What’s supposed to happen is that the frame of the hk slightly moves Ken forward, allowing more range on the jab srk. I think this is mostly used to juggle for a second srk. Correct me if i am wrong though.

I believe it means “empty”…

karate = empty hand??

In SF, it means to do one move, but quickly cancel into another move before it can do anything like… making it an “empty” attack.

that sounds wierd, but i’ll try reading it a few times to get a hang of it. thanks.

can anyone confirm this for me? i’ve tried doing it and it doesn’t seem to work. :xeye:

Confirm a kara SRK? Uh yeah, that’s been confirmed :stuck_out_tongue:

heh, thanks for the smart remark. but to be more exact: i wanted to know if that’s the movement for it and if the movement is done while still in air, etc…

You do a jab srk with ken, then you kara the second one with a sweep.

Kara cancels are normal moves like Q’s B+MP that, Chun’s F+MK… Makotos B+LK that move them forward, in turn if you cancel those normals into a throw(Kara Throw), or a move (Kara Command Grabs, DPs) you will have extra reach… if you test out Q’s throw… and add B+MPxxThrow… he moves very very very far… If you did it correctly, you should move forward when u actually see the grab… Ryu has a pretty good kara w/ F+MP Kara Throw… All characters have kara cancels, but they aren’t practical…

so if i wanted to kara throw with ken, i could also use sweep into throw?

You could, but it’s not practical, and it has no range on it… I would think Standing MK or HK would give more range for the kara throw, but then again no one kara throws w/ ken.

Yeah kara throw with ken is crap. Dont bother to waste time using it.

sorry but im new to this forum, can u guys please tell me what srk means?

Originally Posted by Cynastar
sorry but im new to this forum, can u guys please tell me what srk means?

Shoryuken (uppercut)

karas can also move you backwards. makoto kara uoh with s.rh moves you back to get in perfect range for super link. etc. but its cancelling something before its active frames for movement purposes.

Kara can mean many things, but yeah, empty is one of them.

“Empty”, “Because”, “From” etc…it’s pretty versatile :clap: