What is KPB? (The Official, Unofficial Kick-Punch-Block! Thread)


Hey all! This is KPB Roddyness here. More casually known is Rodney, Roddy, or just plain Rod in simplest form. I’m a co-founder of Kick-Punch-Block!, A group of fighting game enthusiasts based out of NYC & surrounding areas who really try to emphasize the idea of community first and we really want to do work to make sure our beloved community thrives for as long as possible as well as become better, pro level gamers in the process. We’re not motivated by money and having the best players isn’t important to us. We sponsor ourselves for the love of fighting games.

The reason for this post is because I felt the need to explain who we are in reaction to the notoriety we’ve been slowly accumulating in the less than 3 months of our existence. Some of you in the NYC area may have heard of us through my teammate KPB BrokenOneUp and his passionate commentary on MK when teamed up with Bifuteki.com and their awesome streams. Or more recently, when news that Empire Arcadia original Jeron/Hiro has joined our ranks and represented us lately at Next Level’s Guard Crush series and Salty Battles V this past Friday.

Whether you may have heard of us, or even if you haven’t, I wanted to make this thread just to answer any questions anyone has about our group and even dispel anything that may or may not be going around. We are truly here for you guys, the FGC and we have things in the works to help improve things on a local scene, and eventually the entire community.

Quick shouts to Phire & the 8-Bit crew, Bifuteki, David “Ultimizer” Tyson, Local Battles, DMG, BT/IFC Yipes, Kombat Network and anyone I may have missed who has helped us out from the beginning. Yes, we’re new and learning how the community works is a bit of a curve, but we have nothing but the best intentions for all of us in this wonderful culture. See you guys around. :slight_smile: