What is lizardlicks average package to customer length?

I know he’s busy but I want to get a general idea. I orderd mine on the 22nd and have not been shipped to yet. Is it 2 weeks from when you order? I need to know so I can plan a future trip.

Dude, seriously, you’re making all us Niners look horrible. There’s a thread already that covers the whole LizardLick situation.

Exactly, the poor bastard is probably working around the clock. Before the SF IV hype I got an order in three days.

How many times must you create new threads when you could be posting on a pre-existing one?

i ordered mine on the 15th, and still not shipped. so b prepared to wait at leat another week.

Everything ships out on Feb. 30

Everything as in all orders?

Yup. Special Fedex delivery time of 13:00 AM. They’re actually paying him because each box has a negative mass, since he uses crushed dreams and unicorn poo for packing material.

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I guess they would ship then, if there was such a date as Feb 30th :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously though, why can’t you just wait? Lizard Lick has a good enough reputation for you to understand that you will eventually get your product(s).

First in line to get neg repped should be the OP. Every single one of his threads are redundant.

Toodles wins the award in this thread.

I live in VA, on a normal non-SF4-hype order, I get my package 2 days after I order it. Chad is one of the best guys I have ordered from, and I have even talked to him on occasion to fix orders I screwed up, and even with that he still filled the 2 day shipping. Too many people do not understand that he is so flooded with orders right now that it is not his negligence slowing things down, it’s just the pure volume of orders he must go through and pack. Cut the guy some slack, and please do not judge his service by the past two weeks.

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Ordered on Monday got my package Saturday.

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