What is Momochi doing with Cody that makes him work so well?



Massive Cody noob here, but I’ve been seeing streams of Momochi doing really well and was seeing what people are picking up from his play style.


he does nothing special in particular with cody. he’s just using him in a very well manner with almost perfect usage of the optimal combo for each situation with a very stable execution. I’d say he isn’t very aggressive nor defensive, he can make good guesses and graps the situation quickly. nothing fancy that makes his cody more effective then others, it’s more that he is just a good player to begin with.


he played fighting games for a really long time. that’s what he did!


he’s able to read your mind thats how he wins


Momochi is doing only a few things, but he do it very good. At first there is his patience. When you look at his matchvideos, he forces the opponent to make the first mistake like jump on him or make moves that are not safe.Momochi rarely do the first attack which by the way are mostly unsafe (crack kick can be punished on reaction , also cr. mk, f.mp can be whiff punished).
I think his patience is very well. But that does not mean, that he is just sitting around. He is throwing rocks, fake stone and is using the normals very well, but also rarely. He just knows, when to use them.
I think his most strong ability is his defense. One reason, why he is a pro player is his defense. He knows all setups against cody and when you look this video (starts at 4:00) you can see why it is difficult to beat him. With Cody you need a good defense and Codys Defense is godlike.
Momochi has like every Pro good Mindgames, own setups, frame traps etc. But in my opinion the things above are his special for him.

By the way, I am from germany. Sry for all grammer mistakes :stuck_out_tongue:




being Japanese.


All of the things mentioned above but there’s more, i’m surprised none has mentioned his footsies. IMO, he has without a doubt the best footsie in the business, I’d say better than Daigo. Also, he mixes his block strings up very well and by default goes for a safe frame-trap (staggering low jabs) to catch mashers and only when he conditioned the opponent into late teching is when he’ll bring out the big boy frame traps with fierces and forward strong. His reaction punishes and just overall punishes are really on point as well. This coupled with his patience and defense makes even the most top players to make mistakes against him in trying to open him up. He has the best tournament style Cody, he just plays ridiculously safe and patient and lets his opponents hang themselves.


Man I’m pissed not a single Momochi match was streamed.


They streamed almost all his pool matches, I was only half watching the stream and I saw at least 2-3 Momochi matches.


does anyone have links to where i can watch em?


What stream were you watching? I saw no Momochi as well.


I didn’t see him either. He made top 32 so I thought for sure he’d be on stream. I think he ended up losing to Kyabetsu … shame so many great matches didn’t make the stream but I suppose there are time constraints.


I saw at least 1 match. I can assure you that.


does anyone know if they will be uploaded to youtube or if we have to pay for archives now?


You’re supposed to pay, but you can find them on YouTube. Haven’t seen any momochi yet though.


twitch.tv archive is free with the exception of 720p+ quality.


Didn’t catch any momochi footage either.


I got to speak to Momochi at Canada Cup last year, and his knowledge of the game is phenomenal. He understands way more than just the character. I asked him for matchup help and he was able to answer all of my questions very thoroughly. I was at EVO and didn’t get to see any of his matches, but seeing how he placed, I can tell he’s still got the best Cody in tournament play.


Care to share anything he told you? Any helpful matchup tips or secret tech?