What is most casual freindly?


Out of the following games, what ones do you think are the most casual friendly? What ones am i likely to run into the most casual crowd online?

Tatsunoko vs Capcom
Marvel vs Capcom2
Super Street Fighter 4


MvC2 has a very high casual base online. Occasionally you’ll run into the top tier player but you’ll mostly run into people that play low tier. Don’t rage quit.

P.S. casual level mvc2 is a snorefest. They just turtle and call out their assist over and over.


ssf4 has the least to learn in order to simply play the game.


I agree. and if you ever decide to get serious, there are lots of extra things for you to learn.


I was hoping TvC or MVC2 was more casual. Ive played about 500 matches on SSF4, and only win about 25% of the time, but about half the time I feel like Im playing people who i never have a chance against.



k im good to go


dont forget to take this along with you…




Fixed… lol SFIV shortcuts.


Pardon me sir, but I believe you mean this:



Completely disagree. MvC2 is far more noob friendly than SSF4 in terms of getting from “this game sucks and is unplayable”, past button mashing, to “I kinda know what I’m doing”.
Haven’t played TvC so no comment there…


If you’re ken and opponent is close to you then start:




for good results



:dp::hp: > :mk::mp:+:r:, :r: > :qcf::qcf::3p:



Same. All I know is to hit Cyke AA into AHVB. Still enough to get hate mail on XBL.


SSF4 is the easiest to pick up and the easiest to get good at out of the 3 you mentioned.