What is most worth it?


Hi, I’m debating with myself what I should do, buy a SE stick and mod it all sanwa or buy a TE stick. In your currency, which I assume is USD, I would save 40 bucks to mod it myself, but is it worth it in your opinion? The TE seems to fit better on your lap, but if I mod a SE, it feels more like it’s mine.

I’m sorry if this thread has come up alot, but since it’s got currency issues also I believe it hasn’t.


Lol it’s really up to you. SE’s are nice and small but modding it will be better than having a TE with stock parts. But if your planning to mod the TE then might as well get the TE. but its really up to your style and so on. You could even paint the SE to match your artwork lol.


the TE stick already has all sanwa parts, so no need to mod.


Yeah, I’m not going to mod the TE stick, I’m wondering if the TE stick’s template or what it’s called is worth 40 bucks. And the TE stick only has 6 sanwa buttons, right?


The TE has eight Sanwa buttons. The TE is much better than the SE, even after modding. Ergonomically speaking, it’s a much better choice. It also saves you extra time and effort.


TE has a total of 10 Sanwa buttons, eight (8) 30mm buttons on the face and two (2) 24mm buttons on the back. Also, it’s wider and heavier and slightly easier to mod, especially for art mods since you can simply replace the top art piece with some plexi without having to work with a sticker.


That’s what I was looking for, thanks for the replies. :slight_smile:


You can find the TE stick fairly easily for $99 nowadays - it’s been on sale at Gamestop and Amazon for that price. lI’d just wait for a deal to come around.