What is Ono's role in a fighting game development?

As above. Always wondered what he brings to the table. Does he help in character design, gameplay mechanics? Or what.

What about Harada (Tekken) and that Aksys guy (Forgot his name). what do all these people do?

Ono is a producer, which means a lot of different things to a lot of different companies. Basically he just oversees the development and reports to the higher ups of the company. He doesn’t directly deal in any part of the development personally.

In essence, Ono is a middle manager when it comes to SF’s development. Harada is little more involved as he directs the Tekken games in addition to producing them.

he’s a head producer just under board/suit level in capcom. Ono used to be a sound engineer for the onimusha games.

Producers oversee the entire process and is in charge of the corporate budget(hiring staff,contracting third party companies for content,promotional budget).

Directors have a more direct impact on what you see on screen or how the game plays. Producers handle the money from the executives/investors and pay for everybody’s salary.