What is Oro?

I know he is a Senin, but what’s a Senin? Does anyone have any good backstory on him?

A sennin is (I think) an old respected master. Or like a demi-god. In DragonBall Z Kami was called a sennin. So it’s something like that. Anyway Oro is a man who is over 150 years old (I think) and is a strange bastard.
That’s about it.

all i know…

… is that Oro is so good of a fighter that he fights in SF3 with one arm to level the playing feild. If he fought with both arms he would probally make very short work of all of his opponents. All though i think he looks like a freaky dirty bum and don’t like the character at all, he is revered as one of the strongest mofo’s around.

The immortal spirit of a saint living in the mountains in Japanese mythology. This saint, a hermit, who has acquired so much merit by his asceticism that he can perform miracles, such as speaking after death, flying on the back of a tortoise or on a cloud, or causing a gourd to give birth to a horse. Sennings may speak to mortals in dreams or appear in the shape of ordinary men. They are accompanied by their familiars: a toad, a horse, or a tortoise.

Notice how Oro has his little pet Tortoise? Oro is a great character design, one of Capcom’s finest.

yes,Oro is quite the badass design by capcom.I would hate to see him whip out that second arm on Gill and beat the shit out of him,wait…,what am I saying I would LOVE to see that happen!

Sennin is just a really strong person. Oro is ryu’s really old master. He shows both arms when he does tengu, I think.

To sum up - Oro is Yoda.

:rofl: The truth it is you speak… Hmmm?

Mohammed Ali

Oro may be a good design, but he’ll never be as cool as Joe. ^_~

Anyone know how to do that secret super move with oro, I never knew how to do it.

I’m sure you’re referring to his EX supers in 3S (the huge Ki ball, the leap forward super grab, and the heavier objects for his telekinetic move).

They’re simple to do. When you have max meter for any of his SA(super arts), do the super with two punches simultaneously.

In shorthand:

QCF x 2 + 2P (with max meter).

Thanks for the help V, I appreciate.

Hhhhmmm…the huge ki ball reminds me of Goku’s spirit bomb.Maybe Oro is Goku in disquise!

Random thought, I know. It would be cool to see what Oro’s soul looks like. I’m sure it’s not nearly as disheveled as his physical form.

That will be a shock, IMO goku is a terrible fighter no offense.

well oro’s character and goku(well most of the dbz universe) are all based around the same japanese mythologies.

as for oro using both arms, only time he busts out his second arm is during ex versions of all of his supers. and he is revered as the strongest fighter, no contest. you would think ryu would be amazingly strong since hes supposedly stronger than his evil ryu incarnate now. thats pretty beastly, yet oro is on another level. i say oro needs to bust that 2nd arm out and be top tier!

forreal tho, oro really is a great character design. on the surface he can be kinda plain, but when you dive in to his character backstory and his roots of japanese mythology and all that, he is a very good design, and interesting…

Oro is a pikachu of old age, obviously.