What is Oro's best super overall?



Trying to play Oro…was wondering what his best super is overall. Obviously it has to be between Yagyou Dama (SAII) or Tengu Stone (SAIII). Also which super is more execution heavy. Tengu Stone seems like it is borderline-broken in the corner in the right hands, but Yagyou Dama unblockable mid-screen seems potent as well.


i Believe it’s Match up specific weather to use one or the other.


…Well I meant in general. Like when both supers can be good for an average character. And, does the unblockable not work on certain characters?


It depends on the character. Yagyou unblockables are easy against characters like Dudley and the shotos (not Akuma), but pretty useless against the twins, Urien Q etc. Also you can get off 100% stun combos with EX Tengu Stone vs Chun Li and Q.

Edit: Just saw your post. In general I’d say Tengu Stone. No real reason behind it, but that extra damage always helps and you can get pretty much anyone with EX juggles. You can pretty much get any character in a Yagyou unblockable but sometimes it’s kind of worthless.


Actually if you walk yourself through the roster and know what you can/cant do to each character, tengu comes out as most useful by a long shot. Dont get me wrong you can unblockable everyone to hell and back, but certain characters its just not that effective on/they can escape/theres 100% stun combos with tengu/vanilla tengu combos do ridiculous damage and are easy to setup. I mean, you can quite literally just toss someone in the corner with tengu, activate, and get easily 10-30% or more damage off chipping and a couple hits getting in there. So quite honestly, tengu is the more useful super, but in certain match ups yagyou is your tool that pushes you over the edge in terms of it being a one sided battle. Oh and btw you can also do 100% stun combos on elena.


Grego, sergio., thank you both. I will be playing Tengu Stone then. Oro is so fun to play. It’s even more fun beating Kens and Chuns with him. :wgrin:


When you get better with Tengu Stone, I would try learning some of the Yagyou unblockables. It’s fun to switch it up a little.


As someone who’s been working his way up the Oro skill ladder, I would also reccomend learning Tengu Stone mostly while you kinda get Oro down and then move on to learning the unblockables later.


Yeah, i would agree, Tengu has a slight edge.

The EX Tengu juggles are extremely damaging plus normal Tengu corner pressure can do just as much if not more.