What is playing "gay"?

ok, I would like everyone’s opinion on this, here is the chat I had on Mirc with these 2 fellows Guybird and Obd. the chat was so long, Mirc actually cut out alot of the beggining and all of it couldnt fit in one post, so this isnt the whole argument:

That was way too long to read the whole thing. From what I read those guys were average everyday scrubs.

People cry about about shit they cant do. There full of shit. They cant ROM, shoshosho, paint the fence or any of that. There obviously scrubs who button mash and are jealous that other people can do shit they could never do. I bet they play scrub style marvel. It’s way harder to learn Magneto inside and out than it is to be a scrub. People training to be “gay” is how things work. It’s how gameplay evolves. If they dont like it they can play with each other and the other scrubs who think there having more fun than high level players. I know I have more fun playing MSP against other good teams than some random scrub who plays like one round a year button mashing and acts like he is better than real MvC2 players because they play “gay”.

Shoulda shown them the sirlin playing to win article.

class A+ whiners

what’s the point of this thread? Those guys were scrubs, end of discussion.


using the stick with your ass instead of your hands? :wtf:

When people use “gay” as a perjorative, it doesn’t mean anything other than “I suck, I’m pissed about it, and since I’m too stupid to express myself like an adult I’ll just spout off ‘gay’ instead…”

cant people keep there Mirc chats to themselves?

I didn’t read the whole thing obviously.

But playing ‘gay’, does that mean mirror matches?

it means crouching fierce with guile on shoto tatsumaki kicks

When your victory chant has a lisp…
Y’know you’re playing gay.

When your favorite palette color of Zangief is peach over white,
Y’know you’re playing gay.

If you bet games with bon-bons instead of dollar bills,
Y’know you’re just freakin’ hungry.

Usually the following when people use it to describe something in a fighter:

Gay = a tactic that I have tried to do but can’t, all the while getting owned by people who can.

I read it, and they basically seem like a lot of players out there. Always complaining about people who can play better than them, yet they won’t put any effort into the game to get better. Oh and…

That part made me lol.

I…read it all…

That is filled with some of the funniest shit I’ve heard in quite a bit. Also reminds me of my first time playing against high level MvC2 players. Good times.

lol, I know, thats why I wished Mirc caught it all, because that whole time I was like wtf? these dudes never took a chance to understand my point.

Playing gay means allowing the analog sticks on your PS2 pad to touch each other.

too funny to lock

Ask HVS or GTC, they’d know better than most of us

aces, chatlogs!

uh, what was the point of posting this? They’re scrubs. They referred to Sakuras ShoSho as an infinite. Who cares, let them play eachother and make up their own rules on what is allowed.

100% unadulterated scrubbery