What is Ryu's best groove?



For a while now, I’ve hated Ryu (And still do) But I see he’s pretty decent, in this game at least. And was wondering what people’d prefer, N or K groove? (Since those are the main grooves I use) And tips or anything I should know?


IMO i think he has no BEST groove. i think it depends on the person playing.i personaly like k-groove better (because of JD)
but i also like n-groove cause i can RC in that groove.but it all depends.N-groove is probly better because you can RC.


Ryu is extremely compatible with whatever groove, probably moreso than any other character. Just run with whatever groove suits you.


Infinite Level 1 Hurricane super in S-Groove is a PAIN IN THE ASS. Even on wake-up it seems to beat/trade most of them. Chip damage is awesome too and if you train your eyes well enough, you’ll know which side you’ll end up on so you can do it again. And just when you think he’ll do it again and you try to super, jab DP in your face. Playing the guessing game sucks. Well, if you’re not playing as S-Ryu that is. :smiley:


A little trick with Ryu (great with S) is that a lv1 hurricane super beats out EVERY low attack. So if you feel threatened by low pokes make them at it.


hell ya!:stuck_out_tongue:


This is how I would rate Ryu’s grooves:

K, S, N, C, P, A

Of course all the grooves win run would be the best for him. Nothing like a crazy shoto rushdown with Ryu. And the way I’ve seen Ryu played in the higher levels is to rushdown and try to dizzy. Which is actually a LOT like how P/K Kyo is played.

There’s nothing scarier than a raged Ryu rushing you down. One lucky C.LK > Shin Shoryuken and you can call it a night. That’s what we like to call BIG damage! :smiley:


My opinion of his best grooves are in this order.

C, P, K, S, N, A


Thanks guys, but I was looking to use Ryu in K groove (Since I’m pretty good at JD’ing.) Any thing I should look at, like is Ryu’s RC important? Or his roll even?


k groove is good groove in general, easy, safe, works with prettymuch any character


Ryu sux without run and small jump. I use him in C for fun but at tourney lvl you really have to use K, S, N Ryu.

N is K Ryu, but you play more of a pressure game frequently thoring out lvl 1 shinku-hadoukens applying great rushdown. S works pretty much the same as N but is much better. You have to find time to charge inbetween rushing but it’s quite easy. If you ever get into the critical zone, turning every Hadouken into a Shinkuu-Hadouken is great for guard crysh & rushdown. Not to mention Ryu’s Dodge xx Fierce is GODLIKE. Great priority, good damage, great range, excellent poke/reversal. K groove is the only groove better than S-Ryu. No lvl 1’s for rushdown but if you can jd well you’re unstoppable. Just keep the pressure on and you WILL guard crysh them :).


exactly, k is safe, witch makes it very good for a char. such as ryu

and god do i love to doge:lol:
and its true, why send a hadoken, when it could be shinku?


Tell that to Dan. He used C-Ryu, Ken, and Sagat to get to the best 8 of SBO. If you know footsies, any Ryu is good. C-Ryu is especially good because while you still have RCs, (RC fireball is EXTREMELY good for protecting yourself from pokes), you get good lvl 2 cancels also. Plus, his dash is deceptively fast. It can lead to either a throw, or a c.short… and a shoto c.short is a deadly thing.


I in no way mean he is unusable in C, I use him n love him, but just that his life is a LOT harder without effective rushdown. He can turtle well, but better with dodge or jd and the fear aspect that off reversals he can lay serious rushdown. But I love C-Ryu cause it’s fun for me.

Btw - Gunter you should know his C-cancels aren’t at all that great, he’s got like, 1.5 decent cancels, but they aren’t too bad. Don’t suppose you good tell me where to get some of these vids of Dan (The human, not the HA-DOU-KEEEEEEEEEEN Char) playing? Would really be interested…


Its Gadoken


This disturbs me. People have been so spoiled with Run that they have forgotten how to rush down without it. Ryu can keep pressure on with guard strings involving his hopkick and dash in. Plus, he’s a shoto - which means one short leads to damage.


Why do you insist on “good” being equivalent to “damaging”? Whether you like to admit it or not, C-Ryu is a pressure character. His Level 2 cancels allow him to continue with the pressure (comboing into a hurricane kick off a close lvl 2 fb super, or a jab fb off a far lvl 2 fb super). After the cancel he can continue his pressure with his guard strings and build another level 2 (especially if he had a lvl 3 to begin with) in no time.


i use ryu level 4 for major damage:
but if i am taking on a good opponent i will use akuma level 4

c-groove do this as opponents are jumping at you or
near them…
level 2 fireball then cancel with a uppercut (hp)

                    level 2 hurricane kick, then do an uppercut 
                    as he falls (practice) 

                     "always use ryu's combos"
                       jump mk,d-Lp,lk,f-mk,d-lp,d-mp then cross
                       over with a MK and so on...........

                       when they try to use a rol past you just grab 

                         also use cross over's with a jump f-mk RYU is
                         good at this 

                         watch them all fall :)


Ryu can be used in most grooves. I have no doubt that his best groove is C-groove then N-groove.



question- and i’ll start out by saying i dont know much about this game so i apologize if im just being dumb… i noticed ppl r saying a groove is ryus worst, however ive seen some really great usage of ryu in a groove due to cc’s- wouldn’t these make a groove really good for ryu? again, sorry if im completely wrong, but im just curious since ive been experimenting with a…


A-groove Ryu is not common, but that doesn’t mean he is no good there. He has almost the same properties as the N,C Grooves. A-groove Ryu is pretty rare IMO. Is not his best groove, since his CCs are difficult (some). Can’t cancel levels. Can’t air block. A groove lv1 shinku seems to do minor damage. Do a counter and there goes half of the meter and guard damage. Harder to charge meter…

He has some disadvantages, but he can be useful in A-groove, not his best groove though. I personally will never play him in A-groove, unless I wanted to show off some nasty CC or if I wanted to practice a CC that just came to mind. Roll cancel is no good with RYu , except RC Hadous for some poking bastard ( :confused: :rolleyes: :wink: Sagat, Vega)…

Just my humble opinion.