What is Sagat's answer to sweeps?

Seems like when Sagat is faced with a block string that ends with a sweep, there is no way to punish, because all of his normals do not reach. I am at a loss, as this is how I’m losing 80% of my battles.

Nothing, I just block. And so should you if you get hit/counterhit during blockstrings. You shouldn’t lose life in a blockstring, or maybe some chip damage depending on the ending being a special (damn scissors).

You can punish with Super, it’s very fast, it’s a waste of meter though. Or TU if you’re close enough, but that’s unlikely.

Offense is not necessarily unsafe in this game, and not all characters are good punishers. Play Gief if you want to grab any negative on block move.

I will find a way!! I will make them know why they call him the King!!

Keep blocking and end up at a situation where you’re at comfortable neutral again. If you’re looking for a clean answer for everything or you want a clear answer b/c you like Sagat aesthetically then you’re using the wrong character.

actually, if your predicting a blockstring that ends with a sweep, then you have 2 options:

**-Focus dash backwards if u want to keep it safe , but in theory you should Focus dash forward **and either throw him while he’s minus OR if his sweep is negative enough, c.lp into tu/tk , but this is mad hard and u gotta have some mad reads to pull it off.

-Reversal TU, but that kinda involves mashing ^^ and if your mashing with sagat… well we all know your not going far.

I’d even say it’s uber pro (/hide).


Focus dash forward seems pretty viable. Especially after executing his fake kick to bait out a sweep. Will have to try this, thanks.

Here you go, I found you an example of that, from the best Sagat against the best Ryu ! How more pro can you be ?

This !

unbelievable good sagat performance OO. Always thought the shotos win hard on paper

I learned alot from this. Looks like focus is an essential part of his playstyle. He’s no oiled hakan, but at least it opens up new options in the fight instead of getting counter hit by those dam sweeps and cr.mk’s

Yes, but don’t abuse it to defend. Sagat focus+backdash is inferior to Rose or ChunLi versions for example, the distance is shorter.


I’m guessing TU is superior here, but I often throw out a Tiger Knee following a big blockstring. Recovers any lost ground if you’re cornering someone.

st.mk goes over badly spaced sweeps right outside of their range, sometimes it trades though so that trade is never gonna be in your favor making this move risky unless you see they spacing well.
blocking and waiting to get in/out of range is usually the safest answer as previously stated. you can also out poke it with st.lk and sometimes hit confirm FADC etc.
usually I throw a short TS if I block a sweep from far range b/c they’re so negative that they can only block or focus it. if they try to jump immediately after or focus forward after you can punish them.
if your godlike you can punish sweeps with TU
just remember even if you cant punish they are negative you do have some room to make your way out or in.