What is sanwa and seimitsu also happ


what are happ, sanwa/seimitsu types i dont get it



Read some posts, do some searches. There is lots and lots of information on this site about this.


Posts like this are what give us '09 members a bad name :frowning:



come on fool…at least try and search… you could have googled this shit and found the answer in like 5 minutes.


i am considering to believe this guy is a joke… two posts, one on button parts and one on ps3 pricing in america, why come here when google is more effective?

plus google doesn’t get annoyed with you…


try not to be a complete idiot.


don’t feed the troll…


lol after i posted this i just found my answer forgot to change this thread…anyway its ok if they flame me its my fault anyway…but after reading most posts about sticks im just envious that they can build an arcade stick i wish i can do to