What is so good about kara throw?

everyone keeps saying that it is a must.

can someone explain to me what exactly kara throw is and why its a must?

A kara throw is cancelling the first few frames of a normal that drags you forward (In Vega’s case, st.hk) into a throw.
On your inputs, if done correctly will look like this, with Vega stepping slightly forward into his throw (watch his feet):

If done too fast, you’ll see a whiffed throw, with no step forward and:

If too slow, Vega will probably just do the st.HK and your inputs will be this:

It increases your throw range, and Vega’s throw game is pretty vital to know.
The increased range makes it difficult to tech because your opponent isn’t really going to see it straight up coming.
Increased range also makes for pretty funny mind games when you start interrupting your normals with it just because you can thanks to said throw range.

If there’s any more I can think of when I finally get some sleep I’ll jot it down unless the other guys cover it before me.

With the increased range of your grabs, and your insane walk speed, you can make people extra scared of that grab, and then punish for any whiffed techs.

what do you mean too fast or too slow?

Well the HK has to be cancelled into the throw itself. IE. No HK should be coming out, at all.
If you’re inputting for it too fast, it’ll register the throw before the HK and the HK won’t even come out TO be cancelled, if that’s worded right.

If it’s too slow, it means you’re not cancelling into the throw correctly so you’re just going to get a st.hk, and you don’t want that.

The inputs are mainly there for guidance incase you miss the step forward when you’re looking (it can be hard to spot when watching a replay, so if you look at your inputs, you can tell if you kara’d correctly by how they display)

oooooo so you are not supposed to press all three buttons at the same time?

Nope. You hit the HK JUST before the lp+lk

so when is the best time to use it?

There is no best time to use it. Its player situation dependent. Trial and error. Dont get used to Cosmic Heel set ups or mix ups though, in AE all that is going out the window, because its going to be way to unsafe.

Honestly though, the problem with Ken’s and Vega’s, yes the majority, are that they rely on this shit way to much. When there fundementals arent even strong to begin with, and they think they are. Work on your normal footsie game instead, I doubt you have a strong one to begin with. Without a top notch normal game, kara throw is as useful as the shit in the sewers.

What he said,pretty much.

i’m in disagreement with pedoviejo here
i would say one need to learn footsies while knowing what a kara-throw is, since in this game kara-throw are part of footsies. BUT if the think is not knowing what footsies are… well you are still back to square one

ok this might be a good place as any to ask…how do I play footsies with vega? or what footsies even mean? i know that it’s walking back and forth in and out of yer opponents reach(or your reach), but is there more to it?

Some light reading.

i wonder, does kara throwing takes more frames to come out? 4 frame maybe? since you are cancelling your hk one frame after. i’ve been using kara throw all the time without realising its start up time…