What is SRK drinking?


What are my fellow SRK’ers drinking out there?

Tell us what your weapon of choice is and share some semi-intoxicated chit chat.

It’s only morning here in Glasgow, but I’m considering treating myself to a generous breakfast dram of Lagavulin, a beautiful whisky that is chewing up a considerable amount of my finance… Or perhaps a Tequila Sunrise is more appropriate? That’s allowed isn’t it? It has “Sunrise” in the title…


newcastle brown


the one with the two x’s


Water. It seems I am unintentionally Straight Edge…only without the coolness of being CM Punk and thus being better than you.


A variation of a mojito that I call a strawberry shoryuken.

load a tom collins glass with:

10 frozen strawberries
2 shots silver rum
1 tsp simple sugar

fill cup with limeaide. there you go. as the drink settles itll change color from white to red, similar to ken’s fp srk.


Some random generic brand of spiced rum since I can’t find anything else in the house.


You have found a way to unite my love for Mojito’s with my love for Street Fighter and for that I am grateful. Totally trying that out.


I’m so gonna try that!

Right now I’m drinking this funky coffee vodka that’s floating around the place I’m at. It’s damn good, but weird. I woudlnt’ be caught dead buying it tho’!


i’ve been throwing some Tang powder mix into my Blue Moons. clutchhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :rock:


Crown and Coke


Me being Asian, I can only drink yellow/wheat ale beer. Blue Moon, Bud Light, PBR, Coors and all those summer Ale is my weapon of choice. Hard liquor pwns me


Went to BevMo the other day and purchased a 12-pk of Sierra Nevada Tumbler.


Right now, unfortunately, I am drinking nothing. Usually however…Crown, JD, or Jameson, with cheap beer to chase it (And assist with the annihilation of my bowels by the time my morning alarm goes off).


My dad’s bar got a dozen of so free cases of Coors from the local distributor/brewer so I’ll probably pass by and hit some of that later. Best part, whoever brews it here does it slightly differently than in the states so it doesn’t taste like sex on a canoe.



  • Spiritus
  • 100% blood organde juice, 4 doses for 1 dose of Spiritus (best if pressed)
  • Lime
  • Shake!

Rocket (shot):

  • Galiano 50%
  • Jack Daniel’s 50%


  • Vodka shot (Absolut Vodka works best, or Chopin if you’re rich!)
  • Slice of Lemon (NOT LIME!) with half of it covered in coffee and the other half in white sugar
    Eat the lemon -> rinse immeditaly with the vodka shot

Captain Morgan’s Private Stock - Spiced rum:

  • Straight!
    (Directly form the bottle wearing a Jack Sparrow costume works best!)


  • Bombay Sapphire
  • Schwepps Tonic
  • quarter of lime
  • Ice
    I am completely addicted to that shit… I could seriously drink it in the morning before going to work! (I am trying not to…)

(In Japan, some older barmen are tripping when you order that…)
B-52 (cocktail) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

If you happen to go to Tokyo, the Jumbo Long Island Ice-Tea from the HUB is a direct critical hit!
2 of these, an I am pretty happy.
3, I am drunk and kissing the next table dude’s girlfriend
4, I am kissing the next table dude…
5, dancing on the table naked while puking my guts out on the next table dude and his girlfriend…
…and kiss them both afterward!


Jack and Coke.

Minus the Coke.

And occasionally some Dogfish Head



Hawaiian Punch


You’re a publican’s son too eh? The only free booze I ever get is Carlsberg. I fucking hate lager! Unless it’s Kronenberg. I would happily live off of Kronenberg.


I’ve taken quite the liking to Ginger Ale.


Somewhat, after pops retired from public office, him and a few of his friends decided to open up a bar for shits and giggles. Off course, ends up with him and my mom running the place (and them actually wanting me to help out as well).