What is SRK's view on SamSho2?


or the samsho series in general? i think that 2 and 5s are the only competitive games in the series. is this correct? and are either of them good enough to still want play today in the same vein as kof98, 3s, garou etc?




Samurai Shodown II is a refinement of I, which was already a gem ahead of its time that pioneered an entire style of fighters. You have so many interesting options in II, rolls, lay downs, hops, great running grabs, parrying, disarming… and being able to outright kill someone for a big mistake meshes well with weapon based combat. I think it still holds up really well to this day despite Ukyo being a bit dumb and some silly randomness.

IV is also a good game on its own right, although it’s pretty different to I-II. Lots of fun abusable stuff, one of those games that ends up being balanced because lots of characters are stupidly strong. I don’t like some of the mechanics of Vsp but it’s a solid game anyways. Can’t speak of the 3D ones since I haven’t played them and I saw very little competitive footage of them.


It’s a good game. Not my cup of tea, but I can’t really say anything bad about it beyond the fact that it’s not for me.

Yagyu Jubei is the man.


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Y’all funny. It seems this series is more of a sleeper series than I thought despite people seeming to be passionate over it. I tried out ss2 and it seems incredibly fast. Like you have to make ridiculous fast split second decisions. The slowdown is a little excessive though. Is this intentional…? Or a frame rate issue?


Samsho V sp, is one of my absolute favorite fighting games ever. The ultimate in terms of spacing and footsies. The series as a whole captures the aspect of weapon fighting much better than any other, actually it is the only one that captures it at all.




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