What is ST Chun-Li's Okizemi?


Does anyone know? I like it when I can get offensive with Chun and rush down. (Although mashing f. mp. into ticks can be pretty funnly lol.)


Meaty low Forward, low Roundhouse (might’ve been low Short instead of low Forward, I forget). Meaty low Forward, st Fierce doesn’t knockdown but adds more stun if you think a stun is coming.
Crossup :df:+roundhouse. Also knocks down.
Instant overhead (jump, :d:+forward). Beats out DPs, but leaves you in the air for a very unsafe amount of time. You can do a move on the way down though.


ok… i thought this was sort of a way to apply more pressure after they had woken up right?
I dunno if you’d wanna knock down again unless you had something else planned, (like one of those crazy crossup- super combos) especially if the rh is blocked (however this may be helpful if against geif so youd be at least kinda outta spd range.)
geez i need a mentor for sf.

And something else…** Do you know if storing even >works< on the anniversary collection for PS2?** I keep trying to no avail. And also, the original ac versions of the characters are available in that game (you have to press start when selecting a version). is it possible with them?


About knocking them down again. I know it doesn’t sound as scary as hitting them with some crazy combo (forget those combos for now anyways) but having chun keep putting you on the floor and being all up on your ass is very frustrating, that’s pressure. Never say no to a knockdown.

The options sleazoid mentioned are good, mix them up with some tick throws and doing nothing to bait their reversals.


HSF2AE is really, really weird with its selection of character versions.

For certain characters, when you pick “SuperT” from the menu, the version you get is kind of bug-corrected from how they really were in the real SSF2T. Chun/Honda cannot store their moves, and Ken/Dhalsim/Sagat can properly perform reversal supers.

To get the true SSF2T (New) version, bugs intact, I believe you have to hold down the Start button while you select “SuperT.” It will make a little chime noise instead of the normal confirmation sound. Then pick your character. In terms of the in-game HUD, there is nothing that allows you to visually differentiate between the special fixed and authentic bugged versions of a character.

Similarly, if you want the SSF2T Old version of a character, hold down the Start button while you select “Super.” It should make that same chime noise. Then choose your character. You’ll notice that they actually do have the tiny SSF2T logo instead of the SSF2 logo or the SSF2T super bar.

Of course selecting “Super” normally will give you the SSF2 version of a character, “Turbo” gives their SF2HF version, “Champ” gives the SF2CE version, and “Normal” gives their SF2WW version. This is friggin’ bananas because it means that some characters have seven different versions of themselves in HSF2AE. :looney:

Note that HSF2AE does have some instances of characters being tweaked so that their true versions from their edition of origin do not actually exist intact in HSF2AE. The most well-known example is that the Old Sagat found in HSF2AE has been given longer recovery time on his tiger shots than he actually had in SSF2T; the true SSF2T Old Sagat does not exist in HSF2AE. I believe that there are changes to other characters/versions as well but I wouldn’t know what they are.

Also note that in HSF2AE, SSF2T New characters (both fixed and bugged versions) cannot tech soften throws from SSF2T Old characters; if you were playing the real SSF2T, a New character can tech soften throws from an Old character. It was probably a deliberate change and not an oversight on Capcom’s part, but it is a change nonetheless. In fact, by intentional design SSF2T New characters (bugged and fixed) cannot tech soften throws from any other versions of characters; they can only tech soften throws from fellow SSF2T New characters (bugged and fixed).

In the original release of the PS2 port for HSF2AE in both America (contained on SFAC disc) and Japan (stand-alone game), SSF2T Claw (bugged and fixed) and SF2HF Blanka (I thiiink) suffer from a porting error where their walldive and vertical ball commands, respectively, do not function correctly. I believe the European version contains this same problem as well. Japan later had a “CapKore” re-release (apparently it’s what they call their greatest hits there) for it that did correct the problem. I have no idea if Xbox has the problem or not.


Yeah, a lot of that stuff I already knew… But thanks anyway.
another q… Why in heck does Capcom have such a hard time porting?
And do you know if the O.G. Chun got the Old Sagat treatment (as in the bug fix)?


yeah having that sagat back in this game would be broken lol


yeah having that sagat back in this game would be broken lol