What is the asian equivalent of shoryuken.com?


with Google translate is not bad and I have had to translated frame data before for tekken, Is a lot of off topic and junk that is years old…I posted for new applications for Ibuki AFTER reading through the garbage and off topic that is video, general, matchup, and any sticky discussion. I could not care less about 99.99% of post but would like to learn and this site, with few exceptions…has not been doing it.


There is no one central fgc website for all of Asia, mainly because there are many different primary languages represented in that geographical area.

What’s your first language?

Are you trying to learn USF4 Ibuki? 3S Ibuki?


USF ibuki///just wanted her new stuff. Are few vids etc and is waste of time here as I just get dissed. I speak czech.


Clarified the title slightly. :tup: